16 new laws effective Jan. 1

By | January 2, 2018 8:20 am

As the world turns the final page of 2017 and starts the first day of 2018, Tennesseans will need to be aware of a wide range of new state laws that are now in effect.

The Tennessee General Assembly, during its 2017 session, authored, passed, and had Gov. Bill Haslam sign into law 16 new pieces of legislation that officially go into effect Jan. 1, 2018. Some of these newly enacted state laws may have more impact on Tennessee residents than others, ranging from barbers, handgun permits, headlights, and marijuana.

The following are some of the laws that officially have gone into effect today.

-Handgun permits (HB0689) Members of the United States Armed Forces who have successfully passed small arms qualification training or combat pistol training are now exempt from the firing ranging training portion of obtaining a Tennessee handgun carry permit. Veteran applicants seeking a handgun carry permit must submit proof of their military training with their application.

-Barbers (SB0032) – Barbers are now authorized to perform barber services in a residence for not only a person who is ill, but all of those who reside in the residence. Barbers must have a residential barber certification in order to provide residential services.

-School Bus drivers (HB0322) Establishes that all school bus drivers must be at least 25 years old, and new school bus drivers must complete a mandatory training program before being allowed to transport students. Additionally, as enacted, establishes a school transportation supervisor program for the monitoring and oversight of transportation services for local and charter education authorities.

-Marijuana (HB1291) – As enacted, this law removes the jurisdiction monitoring and enforcement of criminal offenses involving marijuana from the Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission.

-Headlights (SB0194) – Prohibits the use of colored headlights. Only the colors white or amber are allowed to be used on vehicles, except emergency service vehicles and other authorized vehicles. All vehicles must have two headlights but are prohibited from having more than four headlights.

-Security alarms (HB1392) – Homeowners are now allowed to terminate their security alarm service contracts for a period longer than two years by giving the security monitoring company a 30-day written notice. Certain conditions and limitations apply.

For a complete list of the new state laws going into effect today, visit the Tennessee General Assembly website at capitol.tn.gov.

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