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Introduction by, Sharon Langford, President, Friends of White County Animals

Kim is often my cashier at Payless Pharmacy and we usually talk about her dogs including the dogs she is fostering as a lifeline to help them find forever homes they deserve. After a few conversations about Kim becoming a “foster failure” I asked her if she would share her story. People often comment to me after saying goodbye to a much-loved dog that their loss is so emotionally painful that they will never have another dog. I believe that the best tribute we can give to these pets is to adopt another dog and hope Kim’s journey will inspire people to consider honoring the memory of their dogs by giving a loving home to a rescue.

By Kimberly Passons Dunham


Two weeks after my beloved dog, Kristie died I was asked to foster another dog. I didn’t think I could handle it because I had loved my other dog so much. It was December of 2015 when I first met Mercy. She was recovering from an injury in which she had to have one of her legs amputated. As I was driving to Sparta Vet Services to pick her up, I held back the tears thinking of Kristie. I wasn’t sure if I was ready to take the chance of falling in love with another animal! However, the moment I looked in Mercy’s eyes, I fell in love again.

We needed each other. She helped me fill the empty space in my heart and she knew that I was someone that loved her unconditionally. She knew that I would tend to her needs and help her recover and adapt to life without a limb. She learned to walk again with me helping her along the way. She is very happy and runs around the yard and the house on her three legs as if she never had a fourth leg. She loves being outside and playing with her fur siblings. She has her own chair, her own toys, and her own personality. She is part of my family now. I can’t imagine her being anywhere else and I honestly can’t imagine a life without her in it.

I would like to thank Stephanie Smith at the White County Animal Shelter for working tirelessly on behalf of all the animals in our wonderful county. I also want to thank the Friends of White County Animals for helping raise money to help take care of all the animals in our county. Mercy is very happy and healthy today because these people knew I needed her and she needed me.

Closing by, Shirley Smith, Board member, Friends of White County Animals

It is a whole community of people and organizations coming together to help these less fortunate like Mercy the injured dog that is so heartwarming. Organizations like the White County Humane Society that helps fund hundreds of spay and neuter surgeries, Friends of White County Animals that helps animals stay in good homes by offering assistance, Stephanie Smith and the White County Animal Shelter plus her non-profit POPS (Pals of Pooches) that sponsors needed medical care for the shelter dogs and the network of caring fosters and volunteers like Kim, that help this dog survive and find its way into a loving home.

It is always great to hear about how rescuing an animal can change a person’s life. There are so many cats and dogs in this area that are desperately needing a human to love and so many humans that could benefit from their love. Please consider rescuing a homeless animal. They can change your life.

If you would like to become a member (non-paying) of the Friends of White County Animals or help with donations, or by volunteering, email us at: . You can also visit us at: or follow us on Facebook.

Please do your part to control White County’s animal population. Have your pets spayed or neutered. If you wish to have your pet(s) spayed or neutered and cannot afford the cost, the White County Humane Society can provide financial assistance. Call the Spay/Neuter Coordinator at (931) 935-8377.

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