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Hang on, it’s rodeo time

Posted on June 1, 2018 1:01 pm by Kim Swindell Wood

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This past weekend produced a lot of rain, but that did not dampen the opening rodeo of the season.

The Lil Wrangler Jr. Rodeo went on as planned. Through rain, mud, and more mud, young contestants with determination held on tight.

The Lil Wrangler Jr. Rodeo is one of the Van Buren treasures for youth and is an introduction of many into the world of rodeo riding and a way of sharpening skills for developing riders.

The organization provides six rodeos a year, from May through October, on the fourth Saturday of the month. It operates through donations and hardworking volunteers to provide these … Read More

Thou shall not display the Ten Commandments

Posted on June 1, 2018 1:01 pm by Kim Swindell Wood

By Hansel Moore – contributor

A post was recently added to the Van Buren County Facebook page of new administration building with a photo of the Ten Commandments in the foreground.

It did not take long for someone 1,034 miles away to weigh in on the display as an “offensive travesty” greeting people in Van Buren Tennessee. Through the protective layers of anonymity of the internet, a verbal volleying occurred.

One man said, “It is a shame that the mayor does not respect the U.S. Constitution and is openly violating it with this post and the monument. Enjoy your lawsuit.”

County Mayor Greg Wilson took a moment to … Read More

8-hour power outage caused by uprooted tree on North Church

Posted on June 1, 2018 1:01 pm by Kim Swindell Wood

Many thanks are extended to Sparta Electric System for working steadfastly to restore power to the North Church Street area, in the city of Sparta. Around 4:30 a.m., today, power was lost because of a tree that was uprooted during the storm. According to Dillard Quick, public works director for the City of Sparta, the tree was estimated to be approximately 200 years old. The tree fell across power lines, which had to be re-strung. City crews were also tasked with cleaning up the massive amount of debris that accompanied the downed lines. Power was restored at approximately 1 p.m.  (Photos by DILLARD QUICK)

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