90,000 calls dispatched by E-911

By | January 15, 2018 6:31 am

Dispatchers in White County remained busy handling a large call volume, in 2017, and remain on target to continue to handle emergency and non-emergency calls, in 2018.

Dispatchers with White County E-911 Communications Center had a busy year once again, as a high number of calls had to be processed and emergency services dispatched to handle those incidents.

The year 2017 has proven to been a year of growth White County, with numerous economic development projects announced and a steady amount of residential building growth. With such growth, dispatchers at White County E-911 Communications Center remained busy throughout 2017 as well, handling approximately 90,000 emergency and non-emergency calls.

An overall spreadsheet on the number of calls processed and dispatched to the various agencies in White County for 2017 and 2016 showed the largest volume of calls that were dispatched to a specific agency was White County Sheriff Department.

According to White County E-911 call data, the sheriff department received approximately 22,530 calls, in 2017. This represents a slight decrease from 2016, when the sheriff department received approximately 22,568.

The sheriff department is often dispatched to provide assistance to other agencies, as well, such as fire departments and some medical calls. On average, White County sheriff deputies responded to 61 calls a day.

The following is an overall breakdown of calls each emergency service entity received in 2017.

-White County Sheriff Department: 22,530 (average of 61 per day)

-Sparta Police Department: 6,978 (highest month was August- 690)

-White County Emergency Medical Service: 5,609 (highest month was July-547)

-Sparta-White County Volunteer Rescue Squad: 253 (highest monthly average was 31)

-White County Emergency Management Agency: 19

-Doyle Volunteer Fire Department: 267 (highest monthly average was 39)

-BonDeCroft Volunteer Fire Department: 343 (highest monthly average was 35)

-Central View Volunteer Fire Department: 364 (highest monthly average was 38)

-Sparta Fire Department: 376 (highest monthly average was 38)

-Cassville Volunteer Fire Department: 403 (highest monthly average was 49)

-Cherry Creek Volunteer Fire Department: 267 (highest monthly average was 29)

-NorthEnd Volunteer Fire Department: 333 (highest monthly average was 38)

-Hickory Valley Volunteer Fire Department: 336 (highest monthly average was 34)

-Eastland Volunteer Fire Department: 327 (highest monthly average was 37)

-Mt. Gilead Volunteer Fire Department: 276 (highest monthly average was 32)

Volunteer emergency responders handled approximately 3,545 calls, in 2017. As a cost analysis, if each of these calls had at least six volunteer responders (conservative estimate), was paid the Tennessee average first responder wage of $14 an hour, and was on the scene for two hours (conservative estimate), it would cost taxpayers approximately $595,560 annually in wages alone.

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