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Posted By | July 8, 2019 8:35 am

The Right Stuff – By Donald Holman

Once again we have had an action filled week. Have you given any thought to the idea the reason our weeks are so packed with news is that our president is working incredibly hard, and, as a result, every week his work results in a mountain of news? Something to think about.

On the illegal immigration front –  the lying, coercive media of television and newsprint have been revealed in all their glory. The House Democrats went to the border for an inspection and came back with a mountain of lies and misrepresentations, all dutifully reported by a corrupt press. Leading the pack, as usual, was the bartender from New York, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Now this woman has voted against every funding increase asked for by the border patrol. Yet, she goes to the facilities at the border, complains about their inadequacy, and not a single reporter has the nerve to ask her if the problem is not in part her fault because she refused to vote for any increase in funding – not a single one. When President Trump says the press are the enemy of the people, this sort of thing is exactly what he is talking about. Proper questions are not asked, no intellectual curiosity is displayed, no follow-up is done. So, every day, the American people are misinformed, uninformed, and misled, with the willing and eager help of a press that is supposed to be the watchdog of our democracy. How can they not be the enemy of the people doing this kind of thing?

The Supreme Court is busy trying to delay an adequate response to the issue of asking folks on the census whether or not they are citizens. If they can continue to dither and obscure their reasoning, they are hoping to delay long enough to keep the question off the census because they really have no legal grounds to do so. Then, once the deadline for printing is passed, I feel sure they will find the question constitutional. How would it not be? That question has been asked in some form from 1880-1960 without an issue. I don’t recall any constitutional amendments regarding the census during that time, so..?

If you read this column regularly, you may have noticed I have “issues” with Judge Roberts. It has been said he is very concerned with the court appearing to be “right wing.” In my understanding of the Supreme Court, the justices are charged with defending the constitution and determining whether laws brought to their attention are constitutionally allowed, or not. Nowhere in that instruction have I seen any instruction of worrying over being “right wing.” So, in my opinion, the fact he even concerns himself with such a thing is a dereliction of his duty. And why has he allowed the FISA court to get so far out of hand? Judge Roberts is directly responsible for that court. And to the extent it has been politicized, it must be because he allowed it. And the fact he is making no effort to restore its integrity and hold accountable its abusers does not bode well for that court under his care. Perhaps doing so would be too “right wing?”

Another note on illegal immigration. The final number for May is 132,887 illegals were apprehended. If you add to that the three to four that got by without apprehension, then, in May, between 398,661 and 664,435 illegal aliens entered our country. When you think about the population of White County at more than 26,000, that is many times the population of our entire county coming into the country in one month. And your elected representatives continue to allow it. The real question is why don’t we fire them, isn’t it? The re-election rate for members of the house is 95 percent. Maybe when we change that statistic, we can change some of these other ones.

President Trump’s Fourth of July celebration was all about the history, founding, and current status of the various branches of our armed forces and the debt of gratitude we owe them. For many days, we were all told that this was going to be some sort of vulgar display of American power, personalized by Trump’s bragging and taking credit for everything the armed forces had done. But the speech was not about that at all. I keep searching for the humble apologies I am SURE the mainstream media are writing and presenting, but I am having trouble finding them. I am completely at a loss as to why anyone, even liberals, would believe anything said by the mainstream media. They have been wrong about the president for over two years, and it is true that their numbers are falling drastically, but I wonder why anyone would bother to watch. CNN, in the last numbers, was down around 500,000 viewers. That must be the folks forced to watch them at airports. Surely no one else would waste their time in such a way.

It is time to start thinking about congressional races, in Tennessee. Soon, the candidates will start announcing their issues and candidacy. While those represented by Dr. “D” Scott DesJarlais are in good shape as far as a conservative House member goes, there is not another congressman in the state that deserves automatic re-election. Those represented by Diane Black will get a chance for some conservative to represent their views since her seat will be an open one. Let’s all try and find a conservative for that space. Speaking of such things, where is our new senator? I keep looking for her on a bottle of milk, convinced she has gone missing? Didn’t Marsha Blackburn assure us she would be a loud voice representing our state’s support for President Trump? Maybe we need to drop her an email, stop by her page on Facebook, or call her office and see if she is suffering from some sort or speaking difficulty. I feel sure she plans to run again. If she wants our vote, it might be time to start living up to her promises?

Until next week!

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  1. Comment by Eartha

    July 8, 2019 at 9:31 am

    “While those represented by Dr. “D” Scott DesJarlais are in good shape as far as a conservative House member goes”

    Is this the same Doctor Scott DesJarlais who was reprimanded by the Board of Medical Examiners for having sex with multiple patients, one of which also said that he pressured her into an abortion? As revealed in the divorce documents from his ex-wife who also stated he pressured her into abortion?

  2. Comment by Dan Bowman

    July 9, 2019 at 11:43 am

    Gee “Eartha” I wonder what we might find out about you if a slick lawyer could get a corrupt judge to “unseal” YOUR sealed divorce records. Records that were said to be sealed for the sake of school age children subsequently unsealed while those same children were still school aged. I guess since it involved a Republican children were of no importance or what? Furthermore I talked to a friend of mine in the legal business and since child molestation became such a problem…guess what? He said he very seldom sees a hotly contested divorce that doesn’t include at least one molestation accusation. So I am thinking a lot of people lie when filing for divorce. I am also thinking Dr. D. now has a history of excellent legislation. Now Eartha remember how the Democrat Party was the party of the KKK and such? Modern Democrats assure us that is no longer true. So if the Democrat Party wants forgiveness for past transgressions I am SURE it extends the SAME CONSIDERATION to Dr. D…Doesn’t it? I thought so. A conservative can always tell when they are effective. They will be attacked in every way!

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