Action starts off slow in Tennessee General Assembly

Posted By | February 4, 2019 8:04 am

Several bills will be presented this week to various committees in the Tennessee House of Representatives.

A bill about handgun permits has been placed on the House of Representatives’ Judiciary Committee.

HB0041: Handgun Permits – As introduced, requires the department of safety to issue a handgun carry permit containing zeros in place of an expiration date upon request by a permit holder or applicant who is in the military and stationed outside this state.

In the Criminal Justice Subcommittee, a bill that would enact the “JaJuan Latham Act” will be presented. HB0002 would increase the penalty for an aggravated assault or homicide that occurs by a person discharging a firearm within a motor vehicle and the victim is a minor at the time of the offense.

HB0003 will be presented in the Children and Families Subcommittee. As introduced, the bill requires a court that issues orders granting custody or guardianship of children to relative caregivers to inform the relative caregiver that resources and funding may be available through the Department of Children’s Services; defines “relative caregiver” as a person within a first, second, or third degree of relationship to the parent or step-parent of a child who may be related through blood, marriage, or adoption.

In the Employee Affairs Subcommittee, HB0010 will be presented. This bill would enact the Prospective Employee Credit Information Privacy Act, which prohibits an employer from failing or refusing to recruit or interview a prospective employee with respect to certain employment based on that person’s credit information and creates a private cause of action for those injured due to violations by employers.

HB0090, which will be presented in the TennCare Subcommittee, would change the basis for the multiplier of the ground ambulance service provider assessment calculation from Medicaid transports by a provider to all transports by a provider.

In the Elections and Campaign Finance Subcommittee, HB0028 will be presented. This bill would require the officer of elections to designate the entrances to a building in which an election is to take place that are for the use of voters and to measure off 100 feet from those entrances for purpose of restricting certain campaign-related activities.

HB0051, which will be presented to the Property and Planning Subcommittee, would decrease the frequency that banks that collect property taxes must provide evidence of such payments to the trustee, from daily to at least every three business days; deletes an obsolete code section; deletes outdated references to penalties that are no longer applied.

In the Safety and Funding Committee, HB0131, as presented, would urge the department of revenue to study the enforcement of disabled parking violations; requires the department to report its findings and recommendations on or before Feb. 1, 2020, to the Transportation and Safety Committee of the Senate and the Transportation Committee of the House of Representatives.

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