Active shooter attack response course to take place in Sparta

By | May 31, 2018 12:45 pm

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An active shooter or a terrorist situation is the subject of nightmares for any town, and, in light of the growing number of school shootings, is now a subject that every town has to address and be prepared for.

This is no different for the town of Sparta. Dr. Mollie Dodson recognized the need for training in schools and first responders in the event an active shooter or a terrorist situation should happen in White County, and she decided to do something about it.

Dodson’s office contacted Johnny Sexton, CCEMT-P, CEO, of TME Training Inc., in Dover, Tennessee. The training course will be 8 a.m.-4 p.m., June 1 and June 2, at Sparta Fire Department, 715 N. Spring St.

While TME offers several critical care training courses, such as wilderness first aid and advanced cardiac life support courses, the one that will be offered, in Sparta, focuses on teaching first aid care during a hostile situation.

“A lot of times, police officers will not allow EMS to go into a hostile scene until it is safe,” says Sexton. “A lot of the wounds are survivable if gotten to in time, and the majority of people who die, die within the first 15 minutes.”

This course follows guidelines set in place by the national committee on tactical emergency and casualty care for a civilian environment. On June 1, the class will be for teachers, otherwise known as first care providers, and will train them in patient care assessment, moving a patient, wound packing, hemorrhage control, and movement under fire, among many other things. On June 2, the class will be for firefighters, first responders, and non-medical care police officers and will cover such things as chain of command in an emergency situation and legal and ethical issues.

Dodson first met Sexton when she worked in the emergency room of a West Tennessee hospital. Dodson and her staff, being victims of a domestic terrorist attack themselves, knew, that in the midst of a hostile situation, the situation can get chaotic and confusing. Not wanting this scenario to happen again, after the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting, in Broward, Florida, she decided to get in touch with Sexton and sponsor additional training for the school system and law enforcement – if for nothing else, for the safety of White County children.

“The kids are the most important things to us here,” says Dodson, talking about her office and staff. “Our main focus is kids’ health, and this is one of the ways that we can focus on kids’ health.”

TME Training Inc. is a “recognized educational partner of the committee on tactical emergency care and an approved training center of the American Safety and Health Institute,” says Sexton.

More information can be found on TME Training Inc.’s website at Sexton welcomes any questions or concerns and is available for hire should anyone else like to sponsor a training course for their organization. For more information, call Sexton at (731) 924-8478.

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