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By | December 28, 2017 8:23 am

When I was 17 months old, I had an accident, surely one of many, but there was one I specifically remember. OK! I don’t remember anything that happened when I was that young, however, the consequences stayed with me until I was 6 or 7 years old, and, as a result, those consequences served as a constant reminder of the accident.

I fell. I must have fallen many times, but this time I bit the tip of my tongue off and loosened my two front teeth – baby teeth that had just come in! Dr. Strother sewed my tongue back on, and a dentist, whose name I have forgotten, tried to save my teeth. One of them was a total loss, though, so until my permanent teeth came in, I had a gap in my smile.

So, that old familiar Christmas song, “All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth,” became my theme song – an honest request.

Do you remember what you wished for at Christmas, when you were that age? Some children waiver or make lists a mile long. Others are pretty specific.

Noah Cumbow knew what he wanted for his birthday. A few months back, Noah turned 5. One of his birthday gifts was a Lego Police Command Center. The night of his party, he was spending the night with his nana and papa, Sharon and Tom Fehrer.

After going through one of the four bags of “assembly required” parts, Noah stated, “Yep, Papa, this may take a while.” Then they called it a night.

Next morning, still excited about being 5 years old and the proud owner of a Police Command Center, Noah informed his Papa, “You know, I’ve wanted one of these ever since I was just a toddler.”

From toddler to 5 years old is a long time for the one who’s 5, but he knew what he wanted.

Last year, amidst the wrappings and ribbons, bags, and boxes, our 5-year-old grandson, James David, informed us that he wasn’t too crazy about the game we had gotten for him – some kind of hippopotamus target game or something – but he didn’t want to hurt our feelings.

So he informed my wife, in a very nice way, “It’s OK, Nahnee, but it’s not really what I wanted. What I really wanted was cars.”

This year he got cars for Christmas. Matchbox cars! Lots of ‘em!

On more than one occasion, we’ve had children and grandchildren tell us, “To be honest, I just want money.” Have you ever received that request – made that request?

Sometimes, getting the “right” gift seems so important, whether it’s giving or receiving. But what is gift-giving really all about at Christmas?

The fact that the Magi brought gifts to the Christ child may certainly be strong motivation for the exchanging of gifts at Christmas. Our family has tried, through the years, to establish a tradition of giving in “threes” as a reminder of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. This helps us remember the birth of Jesus.

But the real meaning of Christmas is best illustrated by the simple fact that God gave Love, Hope, Grace, and Forgiveness by giving His Son. We can’t begin to match that. What we can do is give, to whomever we give, in a spirit of generosity. And we can give our time, talents, and worship to the One whose birth we celebrate.

What did you give for Christmas? Will you keep on giving it?

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