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By | October 11, 2018 9:37 am

By L.B. Rogers

Born Oct. 9, 1918, Falbia Fisher Tubb celebrated her 100th birthday this year. During a century on earth, Falbia has seen one-in-a-lifetime wonders: a couple world wars, man walk on the moon, and the invention of the television, to name a few.

She was born at her home in Silver Point, Tennessee, to William Levi and Polly Herron Fisher. She was the oldest of six children that her sharecropping father and homemaking mother would raise.

Falbia’s childhood was the stuff of a Southern story book. She remembers playing hide and seek, using corn stalks to make stick horses and playing with homemade rag dolls. As a teenager, Falbia enjoyed going to church and watching the plays, as well as family gatherings hearing the music from guitars, mandolins, and violins.

When she was older, Falbia started working at the shirt factory, in Sparta. She then moved to Detroit, Michigan, to work at Frigidaire, and, after spending three years there, she moved back to Tennessee and took a job in Oak Ridge building bombs and other items for the World War II effort. To this day, Falbia is still unsure of what all she was building, as she was never told.

In 1947, Falbia moved to Ohio to work at the National Cash Register. While in Ohio, she met and fell in love with Dibbrell Tubb. She also became a mother to two sons, Blanchard and Darrell.

Shortly after their youngest son was born, Dibbrell unexpectedly died from a massive heart attack. In sheer perseverance and strength, Falbia packed her family up and moved back to Tennessee to be with family. She never remarried.

She had several jobs while back home in Sparta. She worked at the local laundromat, shoe store, and clothing stores. All the while, Falbia never obtained a driver’s license and has never driven a car.

During her retirement, Fablia has enjoyed gardening and tending to her beloved rose bushes, sewing, and making Halloween costumes for her grandchildren.

At 100, Falbia – known affectionately as “Granny Fab” – is enjoying her growing family. From her two sons, she has two granddaughters, six great-grandchildren, and she will become a great-great-grandmother this January.

When asked how she feels about being 100, she says she certainly doesn’t feel it. Her secret: positivity. She finds at least one happy thought to entertain every day, and she says never dwells on the negative, because that will surely age you. Another secret to a long life that Falbia shares is good, fresh food from the garden.

“I just live the best Christian life I know how to,” Falbia says with a smile. And that, she has.

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  1. Comment by Brenda Hodges

    October 11, 2018 at 3:58 pm

    Ms.Fabia is my neighbor and I knew her from her working at Jenkins and Darwin’s when I was a child and a young adult . My Granny Goodson always shopped there for the vinyl kitchen table cloths ,and material to make dresses for my sister and me . She only went there when Mrs. Fabia was working , which always seemed to me all the time . Then my granddaughter was in school and selling stuff for school and Mrs. Fabia was always her 1st customer or she would just go visit with Mrs. Fabia . We love her dearly and she has always been more than just our neighbor and friend . I went to school with Blanchard and Darrell .Mrs Fabia Tubbs is a beautiful ,Christian, lady that proves love for family and friends and perservaverance leads you to a long life !! Happy Belated Birthday Mrs. Fabia and may you have many many more happy years !! We love you !! Brenda Winnett Hodges

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