Are we in charge of our country or not?

By | February 4, 2019 8:14 am

The Right Stuff – By Donald Holman

And so, we meet again – in a world seemingly tearing itself apart. In my life, although I have witnessed a decrease in “common sense,” I never thought I would see such a total absence of that quality in American political life. We have been discussing (arguing) over a very simple issue. We have thousands of illegals approaching our country and, by last estimate, roughly 30 million already living here. Yet we have the speaker of the House of Representatives claiming we do not need a barrier on the border through which this invasion has come.  Can anyone reading this paper imagine running a farm by “guessing” or using “sensors” to keep your cattle on your farm?

I am sure you are as tired of hearing this foolish talk as I am. All over the world countries are building these types of barriers as illegals border-crossing has become the way to support your family and with increased concern after 9/11. We actually have politicians calling a border barrier medieval! Now, if they had sensors, drones, Jeeps, and other modern tools of war, then I guess a border barrier is medieval, not to mention the new metal alloys that will be used to build the barrier.

But you need to remember, if you don’t support the influx of millions of poor people, unskilled, illiterate and ungrateful, you are a prejudiced redneck, a xenophobic, and dangerous person! But do you realize how much unrest is happening right now all across Europe and, in many cases, produced by this very same issue and other issues closely aligned?

In France, you may have heard of the “yellow vest” movement. This is a movement much like others across Europe. The new head of government, French president Emmanuel Macron, is looking at the 12th weekend of national French protests. Originally started as a revolt against a plan for much higher taxes, in 2019, on all forms of energy, after Dec. 1st, Macron announced there would be no increase in fuel taxes, in 2019. But the demonstrations have continued, and, in many cases, it is the folks in “fly over country” that are protesting actions taken by the government. It seems the middle class of France over the last several years have been ignored, and laws have been implemented without a care as to how they would affect those French citizens outside France’s large cities.

In Great Britain, our British cousins are rebelling against their country being ruled by unelected representatives in far off Brussels, Belgium, under the guise of the European Union. This tragic mess (the EU.), originally began as a marketing group, has grown in power and now makes most decision about life in Great Britain setting things like phone rates. Why wouldn’t English citizens be enraged over the loss of control over their lives and country?

In Germany, Angela Merkel will probably be forced from power before her planned departure. Why? In 2015, at the height of the Syrian war, Ms. Merkel announced Germany would be a welcoming home for Syrian refugees, making her country a target for Islamists all across the world. The journalist and Europe and America’s leftist news companies wrote glowingly of Merkel’s plans. But regular Germans were not too impressed as, once again, they were told they were xenophobic and all the other leftist name calling titles for wanting to keep their homeland German and being unwilling to pay the high taxes to keep the newcomers up in style. Sound familiar?

We have all heard about the success Israel has had with their border wall. Allow me to quote the Jerusalem Post: “After breaking ground in 2010, Israel completed the 242-km. (150-mile) fence in December 2013 at a cost of around $450 million. Whereas about 9,500 Africans crossed into Israel illegally in the first six months of 2012, less than three dozen did so in the first six months of 2013, at which time the major components of the barrier had been completed. Illegal immigration through Sinai dropped to 11 cases in 2016 and 0 in 2017. The fence also has dramatically reduced the smuggling of contraband into Israel and there have been no security breaches from Sinai since then (although the local ISIS-affiliated group has fired rockets at the Israeli Red-Sea resort city of Eilat on a few occasions.)”

After World War II, there were about seven border walls in the world. Now that number is 77 and growing, and it is because they are effective. But let’s step back for just a moment and take a broader look at what is happening.

All across Europe. the citizens are rising up against government they see as increasingly divorced from the lives their constituents lead. America is supposed to be the land where the rule of law is supreme, but is it? Our incoming attorney general, Bob Barr, has said the phrase rule of law means that the laws of the nation are applied equally to all citizens, regardless of their station in life. Is that happening in our country today?

We witnessed last week the arrest of a 66-year-old man with three dogs, two cats, and a deaf wife with 29 armed officers – more firepower than was used to take down Bin Laden! This guy Roger Stone doesn’t even own a gun. Not only is this over-armed episode ridiculous, it could have been fatal. Had Stone’s wife, who is deaf, misunderstood some command, what might have happened? But furthermore, who authorized this show of force? And if we are going to take these kinds of measures for “lying to Congress,” hadn’t they better get a lot more of these carloads lined up? How many people can we come with that have lied to Congress since Trump’s election?

The over-arching point is that all around the world our brothers and sisters located in the “democracies” of Europe are starting to realize they are losing control of their countries. In Europe, the unelected bureaucrats are deciding how things will be done and for whom. Google “unrest in Europe” and you will find story after story of runaway government ignoring the will of the people. We, more than most, have safeguards built into our founding documents. But if we stay at home and refuse to exercise our right to vote, we are going to lose it. If you look around the world, we are in a time when our rights to self-determination are being taken from us. Slowly, as the old story about boiling a frog, we are losing control of our daily lives. Yet, we keep electing and re-electing the same old liars to office?

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