Are we worthy?

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The Right Stuff – By Donald Holman

As I watched the celebrations of that most heroic generation, the World War II fighters, I was in awe. I heard it said that their battle was probably the last one that would be fought in that way. These days, with satellites and smart bombs and proxies, the world powers no longer clash directly. They instead badger each other through third- world country conflicts. And with all the technology, there would probably never be another man-to-man, gun-to-gun battle where the crude hand-held weapons of war would be used to take the field. Viewed in that light, it truly was fitting that we celebrate these men who walked through hell, as the president said, to save the world for freedom. And someone, I forget whom, said it is now our job to be worthy of such sacrifice. Are we?

I look at the present crisis on our border where NBC reports 144,000 “undocumented” illegal immigrants were caught in May alone. And many of them are the next generation of “dreamers.”  At first, our worthless present-day politicians said the president was “making up” the crisis…and now? Well, now they aren’t saying anything. They know it is a crisis, but the United States Chamber of Commerce and the Koch brothers want open borders and cheap labor. So, they dither and delay, sit on their hands, and do nothing. What might the World War II generation have done? Well, we don’t have to guess.

In 1954, the United Sates, that had turned a blind eye to illegal immigrants crossing the border to work because of the shortage of manpower during World War II, grew tired of the large numbers of illegal immigrants. They launched an operation called “Operation Wetback,” a term many people refuse to print saying it is racist. It referred to laborers wading across the Rio Grande River dividing Mexico and America to work in the fields and their clothes were still wet from crossing the river. I doubt folks cared much about the race of the laborers, more their illegal status. Anyway, you can read accounts of this operation that vary from it being terrible to it being part of a necessary correction in the labor market after World War II and returning GIs needing the jobs. Either way, it stopped illegal immigration for a while.

But, our modern politicians have no concern for such ideas because they care only about what their campaign bosses care about, and that is more cheap labor. This corruption is exactly why Trump was elected, and it infects both parties! Are they worthy? What about the voters that elect and re-elect them?

We have a president who is trying to reverse years of intellectual property theft and worse by the government of communist China. But our own Congress is whining that we are being too tough, and business might be hurt. Are they responding to business concerns or lobbying by Chinese interests? Are they worthy? What about their voters?

At the end of a two-and-a-half-year investigation into the president of the United States by a very biased group of corrupt lawyers, even they declared they could not find enough evidence to conclude the president had committed a crime. The head of this corrupt investigation, himself denied a job by the president and involved in a financial dispute with him in private life, even though he could not find any evidence of collusion and scant evidence of anything else, roiled the waters with a public pronouncement that basically said the president must prove himself innocent rather than the ideal that a citizen is innocent until proven guilty. Was this scandalous operation one worthy of the ideals of our forefathers and their sacrifices?

We have a generation of young people who need safe spaces and stuffed animals if their favorite candidate loses a race or someone should dare to disagree with them. Think about this for a moment – THESE young people are the same age as the veterans of World War II who stormed the beaches at Normandy and fought in numerous other battles.

The inheritors of MLK’s dream are re-segregating themselves on college campuses in the name of progress! The Democrat Party is full of candidates running as socialists or worse, and their one mainstream candidate is running to the left so fast he is showing himself as a man of no principles at all, other than get elected. Our forefathers would have voted these idiots out of office and banished such a party for a generation. Our forefathers would have seen this frame job on Trump for what it is long ago, and its originators would have already been brought to trial. So what is stopping us? We re-elect these failing politicians at around a 90 percent rate. I hear people say all the time, “Well what are you gonna do?” How about get up off your backside and get involved for a change?

We all have the most powerful research and communication device man has ever had in the form of the phones we carry and the computers we own. So, let’s get up and get it done. And we’d better wake up and use this computer while we still can. The powers that be are already seeking to clamp down on conservative communication. Think I am exaggerating? I belong to a conservative group online that was recently warned by Facebook for posting some meme that had a couple words wrong, that we could be banned for disseminating false information. So, if they are doing that to a small group of people in Sparta, Tennessee, what do you think they are doing elsewhere? And this is happening with a Republican president! What do you think will happen if one of these wild-eyed extremist Democrats gets the top job? You had better wake up and shake your friends and neighbors awake as well! It is later, much later, than you think!

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