Battleships, soldiers, and bombers

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By Steve Qualls – Christpoint Church

When the vision is elevated to another level, sight becomes keener and sharper. In fact, a professional baseball player has an elevated level sight over the general population. Most have 20-15 vision, and some even 20-10. And, the ones that seem to have the advantage over all the others have been reported to have 20-08 vision.

A 90 mph fastball gets to the plate in less than a second, meaning a player must decide to swing within that time frame.

Thus the player has .434 of a second to locate the ball, adjust to it, and gather enough information (having about 1 millisecond) to decide whether he should swing.

I have read that a true man or woman of God is worth more to a nation than battleships, soldiers, or bombers.

With that story in mind, let’s take a look in the book of 2 Kings, Chapter 6. This gives us a clear look through the lens of a greater level of sight.

Ben-Hadad, the king of Syria, was continuously on attack toward Israel. He had invaded the land on several occasions. The Bible tells us that it happened several times. But every time he would assemble troops and ready himself for attack, he would learn that his plan had been thwarted, and Israel had withdrew its army to another location.

This happened so many times that Ben-Hadad became angry and tried blaming someone in his own ranks of being a traitor. It was informed to him that Elisha, the man of God, was so in touch with God that it was like he was in his bed chambers with him.

After finding Elisha’s location, Ben-Hadad assembled his troops and went after Elisha and caught up with him at a place called Dothan. He surrounded Elisha and his servant on every side with what looked like battleships soldiers and bombers – so much firepower that when the servant saw them, he became apparently fearful.

In verse 14 we find that Ben-Hadad had horses and chariots. In OT times, horse and chariot was the equivalent of today’s   battleship and bombers. And to top it off, they also added “a great army” of soldiers.

The enemy slipped in by night; they assembled in the darkness and surrounded the city. (For us today, the farther we move away from the light, the easier it becomes for the enemy to assemble against us.)

The servant was the first to view the onslaught and quickly called on the Man of God. The prophet, Elisha, prayed a simple prayer, “Lord take his vision to the next level. Open his eyes so he can see”

The servant’s eyes were opened, and he no longer focused on the physical appearance of the Syrian war machine. He instead saw the spiritual and powerful army of The Lord, and in an instant his vision was elevated to the next level.

Later, in verse 18, we hear Elisha pray for the enemy to be struck with blindness. The truth is that you and I hold all of the power at the next level when we are there with God.

Lord my servant was blinded by his vision

He couldn’t see the armies of the Lord.

He was struck by fear at what he saw.

Now his vision has been elevated to the next level.

The next level not only opens our eyes, but it simultaneously blinds the eyes of the enemy.

When our vision is elevated to the next level, our sight becomes sharper, and the enemy’s sight becomes weaker.

Our enemy loses vision with every level we gain, and our sight increases with each level we advance in our walk with the Lord, until OUR prayers look to the devil like battleships, soldiers, and bombers.

Visit with me very soon at Christpoint Church at 9 a.m. and 11 a.m., on Sundays, and we will talk more about living victoriously.

Real People, Living Real Lives, Serving a Real God.

Welcome home.

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