Becoming a lion chaser

By | June 11, 2018 8:49 am

By Steve Qualls- Christpoint Church

Father’s Day is quickly approaching. The stores will be full of shoppers looking for something they can buy their dad this year. The good folks in America will spend over $13 billion this year for their fathers a gift. But as a side note, we still fall way short of the over $23 billion spent on Mom last month. But this article today is not for the gift giver, it’s for the father. Consider this a challenge and an opportunity to become a lion chaser in your relationship with your children. Let me say this to preface the following – “Fathers, you are a legend to your children. You are their hero. Make sure you act like it.”

In the book of 2 Samuel chapter 23 there is a story tucked in the pages about a warrior by the name of Benaiah. Not only is he listed as one of the mightiest of men that served under the great king David but he did something that helped qualify him for such a position. He chased a lion into a pit, in the ground, and killed it by himself. And he did all of this on a slippery slope, because the Bible tells us that it happened on a snowy day.

Life has a way of making sure that we have pits that open up in our lives and lions that want to destroy us or, at best, run us away. There is a book by Mark Batterson about this very scripture. He quotes the following concerning the chase, “Lion chasers don’t let their fears or doubts keep them from doing what God has called them to do.”

Every opportunity is God’s gift to you. What you do with those opportunities is your gift to God. Our greatest regrets in life will be the missed opportunities. And when our paths cross paths with the lion of life, will we run away or will we grab life by the mane?

Being a Christian father in today’s secular driven world is much like chasing a 500-pound lion into a pit. It’s difficult. The   odds are against prevailing. And it’s much more likely that the lion emerges after his manwich meal than the Christian father emerging with a lion skin wrapped around his shoulders.

The slope in 2 Samuel I’m sure was steep enough to descend on a good day let alone without the increased difficulty of being covered with snow. The lion had twice the feet on the ground that Benaiah did and was three times the size. He could run faster and leap farther. He had claws to grip and teeth to rip. I’m sure most of the people around Benaiah, given the chance, would have screamed, “Don’t do it! You’ll never make it out alive.”

As fathers today, we have to be selective as to who we let speak into our lives. We simply have to be careful who has a voice in our ear. If the voice you’re hearing is negative or pulls against your Christian beliefs, then you’ll always be looking at the lion in fear rather than victory.

In the here and now, the lion is still bigger and more ferocious, but if we don’t take the opportunity to grab the mane and raise up children and families to serve the Lord, then the pit will consume them, and the lion devour them, given the chance.

It doesn’t make sense chasing a lion alone into pit on a snowy day, and it makes about as much sense raising a family to know and follow Christ today in a world that pulls down, claws, and bites to devour with each slippery step.

Our calling as a Godly father is much higher than running   away from the fight. We’re called to chase lions, to take risk, to look for opportunities to elevate our hero status in the eyes of those around us that matter the most. A business man once told me that he’s never heard a man say, “You know, I spent too much time with my family and my kids and not enough time at work.” Children today will learn a lot about the wrong things of life from TV and video games. But they’ll learn to be lion chasers from their dad.

Fathers, mothers, children – let’s grab life by the mane. Let’s meet at Christpoint Church with dad in hand this Sunday at 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. Let’s take a look into the pit, stare down the lion, grab our spear, and take care of business. Real people, living real lives, serving a real God. Welcome home.

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