Beer Board still determining price of temporary permits

By | July 5, 2018 5:34 am

The White County Beer Board met July 2 to discuss the price of temporary beer permits.

A temporary permit, according to the board, is considered three days. Bruce Frasier, beer board chairman, mentioned that brick and mortar businesses have to pay $250 a year for a beer license. He feels this is too much money to charge for a temporary permit.

“If the city has some kind of waiver where they can waive the $250, then we should be able to copy what the city can do,” said Frasier. “Believe it or not, whatever the city can do the county can do.”

Frasier said, in his opinion, White County is too small to have two sets of government and should only have one. He expressed it would cut down on all the “bickering.”

In speaking with Frasier, he explained the board did not come to a decision that night and decided to wait until they could get some more information about it and address the issue at a later date.

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