Bus sign advertising helps support sports programs in White County

By | August 20, 2018 6:13 am

Anyone who has children in grade school knows that every year they can expect some kind of fundraiser to be sent home with a child.

It is no secret that schools need all the help they can get financially, but that still doesn’t help the dread parents feel when their child hands them a fundraising form. White County School Board recognizes this issue and has come up with a solution to take some of the burden off parents and especially the co-workers of those parents.

The school board has elected to utilize the White County busses for advertising local businesses. The money generated from this will be used to help sports teams throughout the county.

“Every bit of that money is going to minor, non-generating revenue, sports,” said Director of Schools Kurt Dronebarger. “It’s really a way for the community to help schools.”

Dronebarger explained that by minor sports he is talking about sports such as swimming, track, golf, baseball, and softball. The companies that participate will be given yard signs that basically say they have already given to the cause.

“Everyone except basketball and football,” said Dronebarger. “Those sporting teams already generate funds.”

Dronebarger stated everything would be kept local. The companies that make the bus signs as well as the yard signs are located in White County. He also stated the school board wanted to reduce the amount of fundraisers that children have to do in any given school year.

“Children should not have to pay to play,” said Dronebarger. “They’re spending all of their time selling things… they just need to go play sports.”

Dronebarger said the school board provides the teams’ budgets to buy the things they need, but sports teams must come up with the money to buy the things they want. This is accomplished through ticket sales and maybe one or two fundraisers.

The school bus advertising campaign is expected to start within days, and the school board encourages local companies to participate.

“We’re all trying to support each other,” said Dronebarger. “This way they’re giving money, and I am able to cover a lot of needs.”

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