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By | May 14, 2018 7:28 am

The Right Stuff – By Donald Holman

So, this week we discover that the Obama administration had a “spy” (they call it an asset!) in the Trump for President campaign. Do we remember what Nixon was impeached for? A third-rate burglary and a failed attempt to bug the DNC. How much longer must this charade continue before the perpetrators are cuffed and dragged from the scene?

This latest revelation, had it come by itself, might have shocked the nation. But coming as it has on top of so much other eavesdropping, it is hard to really absorb what is happening before our eyes. And when one realizes the amount of criminality we are observing, the number one question would seem to be: When is someone gonna be arrested? Yet, on it goes.

Stop and think about it. All the monitoring and eavesdropping and spying were on a candidate for president of the United States by the opposite party to the one in power. And it was, curiously, justified by a suspicion that the Trump campaign was somehow “colluding” (no such “crime” exists!) with the Russians. Yet, the more we unwrap the layers of this onion, the more Russians we find involved with…the Democrat campaign for president. We have a special prosecutor whose mandate is not to investigate Donald Trump, but to investigate Russian interference in our elections. Yet the many Democrat meetings, and payments, and consultations, and planting of the dossier with Russians and their agents by the Democrats have not even been uncovered, except by accident while trying to pin this ridiculous charge on Trump!

You can say you read it here first. I am beginning to wonder, is it possible that this surveillance actually was all about making sure Hillary won and the Russian influence story just a dodge? How could the government of Barack Obama have so many sources of information on the Trump campaign and not have cleared him in this amount of time?

There is some suspicion that the reason the justice department and the FBI don’t want to provide information on their spy is that he started spying PRIOR to any Russian suspicion! Wouldn’t that be interesting? And would it not fit a pattern of lawlessness we have observed throughout the Obama administration? And seemingly, with a complete lack of concern for what the Constitution might say in regard to their actions. For example, does anyone recall the Constitution authorizing czars? How about ransom payments for hostages?

So here we are. And there is one thing you can never fault the Democrats for and that is their chutzpah. Coming off an eight-year administration of lawlessness beyond any ever seen in American history and a history of spying on the opposite candidate by their own party, the Democrats promise to impeach Trump if they regain control of the House! And would it surprise anyone if they didn’t try? On what? Well, I keep wondering when one of their “assets” is going to “discover” some “evidence!”

And do you realize what is empowering all of this lawlessness? A Republican House and Senate that is largely silent. Oh, there are a few conservatives pointing out the problems, but for the most part they are silent. And this is because the same business interests that bankroll the Democrat campaigns bankroll the Republicans as well. And politicians these days believe if they can get enough cash from these donors to run lies about their record 24/7 on television they can make the voters believe anything they like, regardless of the fact their voting record would tell a different tale if anyone bothered to check.

Think about this as you go through this next week. If Hillary Clinton had won the presidency and all this lawlessness had been swept under the rug, would we have ever had a free and fair election in this country again? If all these “operators” in the deep state had stayed in place undetected and their machinations undiscovered, how long would it have been until our elections looked like the Democrat primary – coronations of the chosen candidate with just enough “competition” to make it look interesting? If Democrats retake seats of power, how long will it take for them to replace the “operators” we have uncovered? And, finally, even at this late date, why are the criminals we uncover every day still in positions of power?

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  1. Comment by Gale Allen

    May 24, 2018 at 9:01 am

    Your article is not an opinion, but an out and out lie! The President read an article in the New York times, and as in the past, has come out with an outrageous conspiracy theory! The only person using the spy theory is the President, and unfortunately now, his base believes it is true because the president says it is true! This is just another tactic Trump is using to deflect at the real issue at hand! Russia was allowed to hack our elections and still is trying, especially in Tennessee, and the president is doing absolutely nothing to stop the invasion! The only travesty that is occurring is the abuse of power that this current president is getting away with! Shame on the Republican party who chooses to cowardly stand by and let’s this current President make a mockery of the Oval office!

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