“Can you help me?”

By | September 1, 2016 5:52 am

Brian’s Biblical Minute, By Brian McCutchen

The phone is my office rings. I picked it up and said, “Hello, Brian speaking.”  Immediately, I hear the caller speak with a voice that was calm but a little shaken.

“Hi, my name is Terry.  I have just gotten out of the hospital and am trying to get back to L.A.”  He continues, “I am a Christian and have turned my life around.  You see, I went to Baltimore to try to make amends with my family, but it didn’t work out.”

His voice got softer and more timid. He continues, “I have HIV, full-blown AIDS.  I have about five months to live.  I turned my life over to God about six months ago and have never felt more free in all my life.  I have learned about the grace and mercy of God from my new spiritual family.  I thought that if I went to Baltimore, I would get the same treatment from them.  It wasn’t the same.  My dad walked out of the room and never said another word to me.  I left the house and caught a ride with a person who was traveling to your town.”

He paused and let out a sigh.  “I need help.  A friend of mine in L.A. is sending me a bus ticket by mail and it will arrive tomorrow.  I need a place to stay for another night and some food to eat.  Can you help me?”

My first thought was about my brother, Keith.  He died several years ago with full-blown AIDS.  Terry’s voice was heart-wrenching to my soul.  His story brought back memories of my own brother.  The way Terry’s father and my own father treated each son was drastically different.  Terry will die alone.  No mom or dad at his bedside.  No brothers or sisters praying.  No family member to hold his hand or to sit with him in his last days.

I thought again, how would my dad respond to this man, Terry.  With compassion?  YES!  With mercy?  YES!  With grace?  Yes!   Yes, yes, yes!  I decided to do something.  I told Terry I would meet him at the motel.  He said, “I am in room 108.”

I went and there I found a man whose face was dented in.  His body frail.  His voice weak.  His days numbered.  I saw my brother all over again.  What do I do?  What can I do?  What would Jesus do?  What would my dad do?

I sat in a chair next to the door, and Terry sat on the end of his bed.  He said, “I was one of the biggest advocates for homosexual rights.  I marched, protested, and believed that I was living the life God made me out to be.  I hooked up with a man that never told me that he was HIV positive.  Now, I have it, too.  Five months is all the doctor is giving me.  I gave my life to Christ and now I am preparing to die…alone.  Can you help me?”

What would Jesus do?  Jesus said in Matthew 25 that when we give food, water, or clothing to the least, we also give it to Him.  I thought, food, water, and clothing is the easy part, but what about being alone, who is going to be there for him?  David said in Psalm 23 that God leads me.  Restores me.  Guides me.  Walks with me.  Comforts me. Prepares for me.   Anoints me.  And, dwells with me.

Terry will never be alone.  God is right there with him through life, death, and life again.  I left the motel room knowing that God is truly leading the way for Terry just like he did for my brother, Keith!

Remember, Be God Controlled.

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