Celebrating Nursing Home Week

By | May 17, 2018 1:47 pm

By Hansel Moore, contributor

On May 14, 2018, the celebration officially began at the Generations Center of Spencer Nursing Facility. I was honored to begin the week with the declaration of recognition for the residents and associates who provide heartfelt care to our senior population 24/7.

WHEREAS our beloved citizens of Spencer, TN, now residing in nursing homes, skilled nursing care and post-acute care centers have contributed immeasurably to the heritage, success and growth of our community.

WHEREAS nursing home residents of any age or ability are themselves living history and a precious resource.

Let no elderly or disabled person sit alone during this time to wonder if they are valued, appreciated, and loved. Visiting or volunteering your time at a local care facility is a testament to community spirit; brings honor to our fathers, mothers, grandparents and everyone in residence; and lifts the spirits of caregivers who value your involvement.

Soon after the official kickoff, the “No Rules” week of fun began. Games of chance and challenge were offered to all who wanted to ‘roll the dice.’ Music became a motivator to motion, as was the case for some as dance tunes filled the air; it was a prompting to ‘shake a little booty.’

The theme of this week “Celebrating life’s stories” was on each t-shirt provided to the staff. It is a paraphrased reminder of the mission of working with senior residents and disabled persons. Each individual who has lived for many generations has a story that is unique to them; their life experience and wisdom is valued.

If you have the special “calling” to work with seniors and would like to volunteer some time at the Generations Center of Spencer Nursing Facility, please contact (931) 946-7768 to share your interest.  You could become part of an awesome team that enhances the quality of daily life for Van Buren’s seniors.

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