Checking in with the White County High School swim team

By | January 25, 2018 8:43 am

The White County High School swim team competed in a Divisional Meet on Jan. 9 at the Gallatin Civic Center. In that meet, the WCHS team finished in first place out of 11 teams. Both the men’s and women’s teams finished in third out nine teams, but with the combined score, WCHS finished in first place in their division.

Overall, for the meet, WCHS had six swimmers finished in the top 10 in their races and WCHS had four swimmers place in multiple races. The WCHS swimmers also broke five WCHS records and set new personal best on 14 different race.

On the boys’ side, Japheth Griggs swam in the 50-yard freestyle and the 100-yard freestyle. Griggs set new WCHS records in both races and won both races. Griggs also qualified for the state meet in both races. Tyler Vaughn swam in the 500-yard freestyle and 100-yard butterfly stroke races. Vaughn finished in second place in the 500-yard freestyle race and won the 100-yard butterfly race.

On the girls’ side, Evan Welch competed in the 200-yard freestyle race for WCHS. Welch won the race and set a new WCHS record. Welch also qualified for the state meet. Welch also won the 50-yard freestyle race. Zoey Layne and Alexis Weatherly also placed in the 50-yard freestyle race. Layne finished in third place, and Weatherly finished in her division. Both Layne and Weatherly set personal best records in their race. Layne, Weatherly, and Warner placed in the 100-yard freestyle. Layne finished in second place, Weatherly finished in fifth place, and Warner finished in eighth place for WCHS.

In the relay races, WCHS had three girls’ relay teams. The first team was made up of Zoey Layne, Karley Warner, Alexis Weatherly, and Evan Welch. Their team finished in second place in the 200-yard freestyle relay and set a new WCHS record in the 400-yard freestyle relay finishing the race in second place.

WCHS second relay team made up of Kelly Wright, Katie Anderson, Madisyn Houghton, and Kiya Simmons finished in fifth place in the 200-yard freestyle and third place in the 400-yard freestyle race.

WCHS final relay team was made up of Skylar Nash, Lily Jordan, Ashylyn Hanna, and Macey Tollison. Their team finished in seventh place in their division in the 200-yard freestyle race.

Eighth grader Abby Welch also competed in the 50-yard freestyle race and the 100-yard breaststroke race. Welch set a personal best time in the 50-yard freestyle race and finished in second place in the 100-yard breaststroke race. Welch also qualified for the Middle School State meet.

WCHS swim team next meet will be Jan. 26, at the Centennial Sports Complex for the High School Regional Meet. The High School State Finals will be on Feb. 9 and 10, at the University of Tennessee Knoxville.

The Middle School State Finals will be on Jan. 27 at the Centennial Sports Complex.

Swim Team Divisional Meet Results January 9th
Boys’ results Time Place
50-yard Freestyle
Japheth Griggs 22.49 1st
Rhett Robinson 34:52:00
100-yard Freestyle
Japheth Griggs 51.55 1st
Rhett Robinson 1:20
500-yard Freestyle
Tyler Vaughn 5:54 2nd
100-yard Butterfly
Tyler Vaughn 1:01 1st
Girls Results
200 yard Freestyle
Evan Welch 2:11 1st
50-yard Freestyle
Evan Welch 28.06 1st
Zoey Layne 30.55 3rd
Alexis Weatherly 36.06 7th
Kiya Simmons 34.27
Karley Warner 34.31
Madisyn Houghton 34.33
Katie Anderson 35.19
Kelly Wright 36.49
Ashlyn Hanna 37.8
Macey Tollison 38.97
Skylar Nash 39.66
Lily Jordan 40.64
100 yard Freestyle
Zoey Layne 1:08 2nd
Alexis Weatherly 1:11 5th
Karley Warner 1:16 8th
Madisyn Houghton 1:18
Katie Anderson 1:19
Kelly Wright 1:32
Ashlyn Hanna 1:32
Macey Tollison 1:31
Skylar Nash 1:32
Lily Jordan 1:32
Relay Team Results
200-yard Freestyle
Relay Team A 2:06 2nd
Relay Team B 2:28 5th
Relay Team C 2:43 7th
400-yard Freestyle
Relay Team A 4:43 2nd
Relay Team B 5:21 3rd
Relay Team C 6:11

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