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By | April 26, 2018 9:40 am

Playl’s Ponderings – By Steve Playl

Often, when I meet folks who read this column, they ask about my grandchildren. I have no idea what prompts such comments. (Smiley face!) Although I am very proud of my grandchildren and believe they are absolutely wonderful, so stinking cute…duh…I will confess that they are not perfect.

I will, of course, argue that they are pretty dadgum close, though.

Sometimes people will introduce themselves to me with words like, “Oh, I just love reading about your grandchildren.”

Once I met a gentleman who said, “Oh, I know who you are. Well, I just want you to know you aren’t the only man in town that has grandchildren!”

I assured him I was aware of that fact and added, “I’ll bet your grandkids are just as precious as mine.”

In fact, I have been told by many people that their grands did exactly the same thing mine did – I just embarrassed mine by writing about it.

Occasionally, when I ask others about their grandkids, their response is that they haven’t been blessed with grandchildren, at least not yet, but they still enjoy hearing stories about other people’s grands.

All of us are different. Some people are created to marry, have kids and grandkids. Some are not. Some couples are meant to enjoy one another, and it stops there. My brother, for example, never had any children of his own – two wives, but no kids. My wife came from a family of seven children, all married, all produced offspring, but two do not have grandchildren. Not yet, at least!

But Sammie’s baby sister, Robin, and her husband, Rick, have decided to adopt ours. We’re not willing to give any of them up without a fight, but we have been willing to share – sort of.

Last weekend, Robin and Rick went with us on a mini-vacation to Ohio’s Amish Country. After worshipping with Grace Mennonite Church in their early service, we headed south. Crossing the Ohio River, we drove down the West Virginia Turnpike through a deluge. At Beckley, we pulled off the turnpike to meet Stephanie and our three West Virginia grandsons for a late lunch. That’s when we saw the “adoptive grandparents thing” kick in.

Stephanie and the boys were glad to see Nahnee and Papa, but seeing Aunt Obbie and Uncle Ricky was an added treat. Robin and Rick soaked up the attention – much more sponge-like than the West Virginia terrain soaking up the buckets of precipitation outside the restaurant.

“I want to sit between Aunt Obbie and Uncle Ricky!”

“No! Obbie sits here and Ricky sits here!”

“My turn!”

All of our grandchildren – the four in West Virginia, two in Bristol, and one in Wilmington, North Carolina – are very special to their great-aunt and great-uncle. They truly have almost adopted them all. Does that diminish the positions of Nahnee and Papa? I certainly hope not!

God has lots of children but, as far as I can determine, no grandchildren. Isn’t it wonderful to know that He loves each of us more than any of us love our children…or grandchildren? According to scripture, we are born into His family through a spiritual birth, as described in John Chapter 3. Peter also refers to our being “born again” in his first letter.

But the Bible says that we are adopted by God, too. (Check out Romans 8, Galatians 4 and Ephesians 1.) Just think, when we are God’s children, we are related to Him by birth AND by being chosen for adoption. Wow! He loves us that much.

Our grandchildren are loved by us and by those who have chosen to “adopt” them, but God loves each of us even more. Gotta close for now and check on a beloved grandchild!

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