Choate seeking office of trustee

By | March 22, 2018 8:41 am

Hello, White County residents. My name is Sampson Choate, and I am running for the position of White County Trustee in the August general election. A blue-collared man with the desire to serve, I am a strong conservative and will apply conservative values to the way I handle White County’s funds. I have lived in White County nearly my entire life. Raised in the Bon Air community, graduating from White County High School and Nashville State Community College, I currently reside in the city of Sparta with my wife, Megan Farris Choate. We are active members of First Baptist Church and strive daily to make meaningful contributions to our community.

In order to be in the realm of public service, one must have a certain sense of social responsibility and a good understanding of the related position they seek to hold. In examining the major functions of this position, I am confident that I have the qualifications to excel in this position.

The primary responsibilities of trustee include (1) collecting the county’s property taxes; (2) accounting for and disbursing county funds; and (3) investing temporary idle county funds.

Once elected, I commit to discovering more about the specific practices currently in place in this office and improving on these practices as appropriate. This includes making the process of paying property taxes more convenient and regularly reporting delinquent tax payments. However, I believe the most important role of the trustee is the investing of temporarily idle county funds. County governments, including White County, carry large fund balances that are often stagnantly invested, producing unacceptably low returns. As trustee, I would implement smart, fiscally conservative investment practices that would make money for the county, helping to keep taxes low on residents. I view this position as an opportunity to set White County on a path of smart growth, creating a financially stable community for many generations to come.

Therefore, I have decided to take my place and get involved where I see a need in my community and where I feel I can have the greatest impact. I am excited by the opportunity to serve this community that I love. Trust must be earned, and the office of trustee requires the full faith and confidence of the citizens of White County. I hope to earn your trust and your vote on Aug 2nd.

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