City of Sparta board approves numerous major purchases

By | January 8, 2018 6:20 am

Sparta Board of Mayor and Aldermen recently approved the purchase of two new patrol vehicles for Sparta Police Department. (Photo Courtesy by Ford of Murfreesboro)

City officials have approved more than $175,000 for purchases of several pieces of equipment

During the Jan. 4, 2018, Sparta Board of Mayor and Aldermen meeting, the first item under the purchasing segment of the agenda was a steel push-out transfer trailer. The proposed purchase agreement was from B&C Body Company in the amount of $81,220.

According to Dillard Quick, Sparta Public Works director, this trailer will be replacing the existing trailer that is approaching its life expectancy. This specialized trailer is utilized to transfer solid waste from the city collection center to White County Landfill.

Trash that is collected at the city’s collection center is compacted and then transferred into the push-out trailer. At that point, the city transports the trailer to the landfill where the trailer will safely push out the trash at the landfill.

Following discussions, the board approved the $81,220 purchase of a new push-out trailer for the sanitation department. This bid was secured through the HGAC Buy Purchasing Alliance, which allowed the city to save several thousand dollars.

Another item that was brought forward for consideration was the purchase of two new patrol vehicles for Sparta Police Department. The proposed bid in the amount of $51,610 for two patrol vehicles from Ford of Murfreesboro was secured under state contract.

Some questions and comments were raised by Alderman Hoyt Jones about why local dealerships are not used to purchase vehicles. According to City Administrator Chris Dorsey, the bid for the patrol vehicles was secured under a pre-approved contract price with the state, and local dealerships, in the past, were unable to match the state-contracted bid price without having to leave off specific options.

After discussing the proposed bid for the patrol vehicles, the board approved the purchase of two Ford police interceptor sedans at the total price of $51,610. Sparta Chief of Police Jeff Guth stated these two new units will allow the department to move two older units as reserve units.

Another item that was approved for purchase by the board included an $18,846 substation feeder power circuit breaker for the electric department. Additionally, a joint connecting splitter valve was approved at the price of $24,560 for an ongoing project at the water plant.

Other items on the agenda included:

-Approval of a resolution to amend the city’s human resource manual allowing training reimbursement agreements

-Approval of the proposed employee training reimbursement agreement form

-Approval of the hiring of a groundsman/truck operator for the electric department

-Approval of a resolution to authorize participation by the city in the HGAC Buy Purchasing Alliance

-Authorizing the solicitation of a trades helper I and II for public works

-Appointment of John Ripburger, Jennifer Spivey, and Trey Upchurch to the Sparta Historical Commission

-Approved a parade permit application for the Martin Luther King Day Parade, on Jan. 13

-Presentation of reports from the various city department leaders

Sparta Board of Mayor and Aldermen will hold its next meeting at 5 p.m., Jan. 18, 2018, at city hall.

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