Commissioners impose Spencer impact fee

Posted By | May 20, 2005 12:00 am

Kim Swindell Wood
The final vote has been cast, and White County commissioners have passed a resolution to take the next step in stopping City of Spencer from dumping wastewater into Caney Fork River.
Residents of the Hodges Bridge area in White County, who live near where the wastewater would be dumped, have adamantly opposed the project since its beginning. Two years ago they led the formation of a group called Friends of the Caney Fork, which has been persistent in battling officials with Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation and City of Spencer.
In September 2003, a permit was issued to allow the Spencer wastewater project to continue. However, Friends eventually were able to stop the progress of the disposal system.
Last week, members of Friends spoke to members of White County Financial Management Committee and requested an impact fee be placed on City of Spencer. Friends said sewage in the river would reduce tourism and recreation in this area, which would deprive White County of revenue from the sale of fishing equipment and permits. Committee members voted unanimously to send the matter to the full commission.
On Monday night, commissioners voted to send the resolution to State Representative Charles Curtiss because an impact fee can only be imposed by a private act.
Commissioners voting in favor of the resolution included Dewayne Howard, Jim Teeple, Patrick Haller, Loyd Hutchings, Wallace Austin, Jerry Denton, Terry Alley, B.K. Luna, Jerry Austin and Raymond England. Gary Cox and Kenneth Milligan both cast a “pass” vote. Commissioners Jerry Lowery and David Copeland were absent.
In other business, the meeting room was filled with supporters of White County Public Library. They were present to hear the final step in the approval process of the $1 million funded by White County for the new facility. Commissioners voted on the financing portion of the process, which received “yes” votes from 11 of the 12 commissioners who were present. Dewayne Howard cast a “pass” vote.
Commissioners approved a resolution to allow the current White County Public Library building to be used as a museum once it is vacated.
The Bicentennial Committee has been actively searching for a location to house donations from White County residents. Several sites had been suggested, but committee members felt the old library location would be the most feasible. White County Mayor Herd Sullivan, who serves on the committee, made the formal request during last week’s steering committee meeting. Steering committee members voted unanimously.
Bicentennial Committee member Thelma Pippin thanked commissioners for supporting the museum. Several White County residents have told committee members about items they would like to donate, but were waiting for a secure location to be established.
A resolution to appoint Kenny Crouch as a replacement for Byrd Bumbalough on White County Industrial Development Board failed for lack of a majority vote. Commissioners voting in favor of the resolution included Dewayne Howard, Gary Cox, Wallace Austin, Kenneth Milligan, Jim Teeple, Terry Alley and Loyd Hutchings. Those voting “no” included Jerry Austin, Raymond England, Patrick Haller and B.K. Luna. Jerry Denton cast a “pass” vote. Jerry Lowery and David Copeland were both absent.
Other items on the agenda included:
– Approval of resolutions to establish speed limit on Ballard Lane at 35 mph and Cicada Road at 25 mph
– Approval of resolution to turn debt of $66,876, from White County Ambulance Service, over to a collection agency
– Approval of resolution for Community Development Block Grant Program for White County Ambulance Service building
– Approval of Mark Farley to serve in the unpaid position of occupational safety and health director
– Approval of resolution to encourage the inclusion of the Memphis to Bristol Rail connection in Tennessee’s multi-modal transportation system
– Approval of resolution to endorse the findings and recommendation of Tennessee County Service Association’s jail cost study committee
– Approval of resolution for payment in lieu of personal property taxes for Precision Molding Inc.
White County Board of Commissioners meets at 7 p.m., the third Monday of each month, at White County Courthouse. The next meeting will be June 20, 2005.

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