Confiscated weapons bring much discussion

By | March 21, 2002 12:00 am

Emily Moorehead
During the March meeting of White County Steering Committee B, the question was asked by several commissioners of what happens to weapons confiscated as evidence by the sheriff’s department.
Harold England raised the initial inquiry, stating any weapons confiscated in the course of an investigation or crime were county property.
Then, he and other commissioners expressed the desire for an accounting of all weapons confiscated and held by the White County Sheriff’s Department.
England asked if said weapons were turned into the Circuit Court Clerk (currently Henry Foster).
Kenneth Milligan stated he had asked that question before and never received an answer, and he added it was his understanding all confiscated weapons were turned over to the Circuit Court Clerk’s office.
“I don’t know where they’re storing them,” said County Executive Herd Sullivan, and he said he would ask Foster if it was his office who handled the matter.
Sullivan also said the sheriff would have access to a list of confiscated weapons.
Marian Bumbalough then inquired about when deputies receive new weapons; he expressed his curiosity regarding what happens to weapons retired by deputies.
It was the general consensus of the conversation that the public be given an accounting of the weapons and/or an opportunity to purchase them in a public sale providing all federal, state and local guidelines were observed.
The recent leaking in the White County Justice Center was addressed with Richard Lane asking if all leaks had been repaired.
He was told repairs were completed.
Lane then stated he knew tile in the ceiling was still coming down from leaks in the jail, and he offered to take Sullivan to the location after the meeting and show him where there was still damage from current leaks.
In other matters, towers located in the Bon Aire vicinity were discussed with inquiries made as to whether or not they needed flashing lights mounted on them.
Milligan stated there were federal requirements concerning the height, location and footage of towers when requiring they have lights present.
He suggested perhaps lights were not required in that location.
Three citizen’s names were announced who had expressed interest in serving the remainder of the commissioner’s seat vacated by Betty Bohannan.
The commission had publicly advertised the position as open, and they received three letters of interest by the advertised deadline.
No action was taken on the matter as it will go before the full commission.
“We advertised in the paper,” said Sullivan.
“That’s the three that got their name in before the deadline.”
Terry Howard added the full commission would also entertain open-floor motions for Bohannon’s replacement during the next meeting of the full commission on March 18.
In resolutions presented, an addendum setting forth guidelines for the color-coding of fire hydrants was passed into record, and a resolution granting authority to the Upper Cumberland Regional Airport Board to buy and sell certain properties was passed.
Anita Eldridge stood and thanked the board for all they had done, and the meeting adjourned shortly afterwards.

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