Constitution Week ceremony will be hosted by the DAR

By | September 13, 2018 10:29 am

Rock House Chapter of Daughters of the American Revolution will be holding a bell ringing ceremony Sept. 15, at the Rock House, on Country Club Road, in honor of Constitution Week. The ceremony will be open to the public, and everyone is encouraged to attend.

According to Pamela Wood, member of the Rock House Chapter, there is a history surrounding the ringing of the bells. She explained that news took a long time to spread in Colonial times, so officials used the most effective way they had to mass-communicate.

“The Constitution being signed was a very contentious thing,” said Wood. “So when it was finally signed, they rang the church bells to let everybody know that it was finished.”

The Constitutional Convention convened in Independence Hall, in Philadelphia, from May to Sept. 17, 1787. This was the same place where the Declaration of Independence had been signed over a decade earlier. Unlike the Declaration of Independence listing an array of grievances against King George III, the U.S. Constitution is a charter of government and is the supreme law of the land.

In 1955, the DAR petitioned Congress to set aside the week of Sept. 17-23 each year to celebrate the signing of the Constitution to reiterate to Americans the importance of protecting and defending the document. The DAR would like to remind people that the Constitution is the cornerstone of American heritage and encourage all Americans to know the history of its signing.

Wood went on to describe the events taking place at the Rock House as being modest but no less important.

“This celebration means a great deal to us,” said Wood. “It’s nothing fancy, everybody dresses casually. After the bells ring, there will be refreshments.”

According to Wood, the bell ringing ceremony is not the only event that will be taking place to celebrate the historic event. Members of the Rock House Chapter will be visiting area schools and giving them proclamations and explaining to students and teachers the importance of studying the signing of the Constitution and the events surrounding it. The chapter will also be presenting a proclamation to be signed by Sparta Mayor Jeff Young and White County Executive Denny Wayne Robinson in the near future.

The bell ringing ceremony, in honor of Constitution Week, will take place at 2 p.m., Sept. 15, at the Rock House, 3663 Country Club Rd. Wood asked that everyone bring a bell to ring.

For more information, contact the Rock House at (931) 739-7625.

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