Correction officer thwarts drug delivery

Posted By | January 8, 2007 12:00 am

Kim Swindell Wood
The sounds of a speeding vehicle in the pre-dawn hours on Tuesday alerted one of White County’s correction officers to the possibility of illegal activity.
Joshua Farley, an Army Reservist who has only been on the job three months as a correction officer, found several items of contraband at approximately 2:15 a.m., on Jan. 2, in a trash can under the front canopy at White County Justice Center.
“I was taking our intake workers up front to clean the courtroom,” said Farley, “and I saw a car speeding through the parking lot real fast. So, I went out to check it out.”
The unidentified vehicle was traveling through the parking lot at the front of the justice center. Farley said the car continued at a high rate of speed and had already begun its exit from the premises by the time he got outside the justice center. He saw the taillights as the vehicle crossed the railroad tracks below the penal facility.
“While I was out there, I just looked around and checked out the trash cans,” said Farley, “and the one out by the parking lot was empty. Then I checked the one under the canopy.”
Farley found several items of contraband in the trash can, including approximately several pounds of tobacco, 110 seroquel (antipsychotic medications) and 56 dilantin (typically used to control seizures).
Maj. Debbie Sopha, jail administrator, said an investigation is in progress to determine who left the contraband, as well as who was to be the recipient of the items. Sopha also said a bag of tobacco was later found in the intake area of the jail.
“I’m very proud of him,” said Sopha, as she talked about Farley. “My C.O.’s have really stepped up. They’re really patrolling – doing what needs to be done. I’m really proud of what Josh has done. He’s a pretty new C.O. He’s a former military person also, and he’s doing an excellent job.”
“They’re not going to do this on my shift,” said Farley.
Sopha emphasized the legal ramifications of bringing contraband onto the justice center premises.
“We want people to know that if they drop this off, we will eventually catch them,” said Sopha. “We are updating all our cameras. Eventually, maybe we’ll get them on tape, and we’ll bring charges against them, too.”

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