Democracy is gasping for what could be its last breath, Part III

By | September 12, 2018 6:00 am

The Right Stuff – By Donald Holman

And the damage to our country continues…

As I was saying last week, there are many segments of our society that are deliberately attempting to undermine our constitutional system of government as we have known it.

Immigration – This is a never-ending source of damage. The ridiculous idea that the illegal, low-education immigrants streaming across our borders are assets belies the reality of our times. How often are we warned that the manual labor jobs they take will soon be done by robots? With no education, they are not consumers and not assets of what America provides. With their large families, many times after they crossed the border to establish the famous “anchor baby,” their family size and income status indicates they will be a drain on the economy. While the illegal aliens themselves may be barred from collecting benefits, (and in other states may not, depending on the laws of each state and the ability of the immigrant to provide illegal identification), their anchor baby is given American citizenship at birth and therefore is an instant drain on the economy.

While illegals may have initially taken poor-paying jobs in agriculture, they are now spreading into every facet of our society and having a depressive effect on the wages of working men and women. You only need look at the first rise in years in take-home pay when President Trump began securing the border. And in the latest year for which I could find statistics, $54 BILLION was sent abroad from immigrants here in the U.S. This is money directly taken from the American economy and sent to bolster the economy of other nations. DO NOT BELIEVE the statistics quoted by those that would lie to us about immigrants and crime. While legal immigrants may well commit crimes at a lower rate than natives, illegal ones are many times coming across our border BECAUSE of their illegality. There are presently 300,000 illegal immigrants incarcerated in federal prisons. And they were not sent there for jaywalking! Finally, look at what happens once they are legalized. They vote, in many cases, strictly for the politician that offers the most freebies. With no loyalty to this nation, what does it matter to them if our deficit rises? And it is likely they don’t bother in many cases to do the research.

Refugees – Refugees are eligible to vote after five years of living in the United States and are immediately upon arrival qualified for food stamps and almost all other forms of welfare. If you think about it, one could resettle Muslim refugees that are known to be voters and that vote 80 percent plus for the Democrat Party. Take the states that are known swing-vote states. Several of them have a margin less than 500,000 votes. Add the proper number of future voters to each of these states and in a very short amount of time you can create a state that is now dependably in the Democrat column. Do you remember the stink that was raised when President Obama was sending refugees into states that did not want them? To date, there has been no court decision that would allow states that right, and most attorneys say that states probably do not have any control over that. So, could we one day be replaced or overwhelmed by voters imported into our state? It certainly is possible!

Social media platforms – Where to start here? Thank goodness, in the last few months there has been growing attention paid to this issue. While Facebook and the like claim not to discriminate regarding political beliefs, we have caught these folks lying repeatedly. There is no reason to think they are not now. The “algorithms” they have used recently have cut traffic to conservative websites by 50 percent and more. Really, algorithms are just computer code for censoring. These huge corporate giants that control much of what we read and see have admitted their employees are biased by their leftist beliefs. But they claim that the company itself is not attempting to divert traffic from conservative sites. But how can this be true when we see huge swings in traffic when they implement their “algorithms.” Moreover, they also change the natural returns from search engines by rating various news sources as either dependable or not. So, by using secret criteria, they are, in fact, censoring and discriminating against points of view they don’t like. Try playing with one of the search engines such as Google. A half hour will show you whether they are biased. From what I have seen, there is no doubt in my mind! You can do your own tests, but I think you, too, will find a deliberate effort is being made to bias search results in favor of more liberal sites. And when you discover it, change the search engine you use! If we were to stop using many of these platforms, we could speak more loudly with our traffic and hit them in the wallet!

Now, we come to the legacy media. Here, the judgment is almost inescapable. Since President Trump’s inauguration, his administration’s actions have been judged over 90 percent negative by the old media. And the useful idiots consuming this information often make fun of those of us that watch Fox News. Yet, in survey after survey, ranking after ranking, Fox News is consistently ranked far more middle of the road than any other major media. Yet, those who consume the biased media often accuse us of being the ignorant ones! Sadly, many Americans have become so used to being fed biased news that when they view a source that offers 50/50 viewpoints, they think it is biased against the left! Of course, Fox news offers a place for conservative news show hosts like Hannity and the like to express conservative views. The amazing thing is not that Fox offers this service. The amazing thing is that with roughly 50 percent of us calling ourselves conservative or somewhat conservative, why would one news channel be the only one offering conservative news shows a home? This fact alone should tell us all we need to know! Add to that the fact that the legacy media has been caught time and again actually printing false stories over and over again in their desire to hurt the Trump administration, and what can one say? At the present, CNN is sticking with a story that has been denied by their leading source. But CNN is so invested in slamming our President that they will not admit what the rest of us know. And this has caused their ratings to drop to the floor! Who wants to watch a channel that deliberately lies to its viewers to change minds using bad data and deliberate lies? Sadly, too many of our fellow citizens will continue to watch this channel because the biased news fits their own biases.

And while I could go on and on, let me end with this final point. When President Trump came down that escalator and gave his first speech calling out political correctness, he was instantly a danger to the powers that be. When you can control the language, you can control how people think about things. By deliberately muddying the waters through the use of speech designed to take away the sting of illegality and immorality, they make it more acceptable. An undocumented worker sounds much better than illegal alien. A sex worker sounds much better than many terms used in the past for those that sell their sexual favors. I could go on and on naming various terms that are used instead of the blunt truth because people have been trained to not “offend.” But if you are doing offensive work, it is past time to call it what it is. If you are a crook, you are a crook. The laziest illegal alien benefits from being called an undocumented worker.

Remember, everything you hear and see between now and the election in November is designed to depress and frustrate the conservative voter. We are told the blue wave is coming…but in Tennessee, Republicans outvoted Democrats 2 -1! So don’t get discouraged, and remember that we need not only your vote but also the vote of your friends and neighbors, folks at church, and everywhere else you may meet them. We know the left in this country was counting on Hillary replacing President Obama if for no other reason than to hide the terrible illegality that was going on prior to the election. We MUST hold the House or these criminals will go back to work, subverting our Constitution and threatening our very way if life! In the last few years, about 60 percent has been the high point for voter participation in our elections. This year must be different! Make sure you discuss with your pastor the need for Christians to vote for strong conservatives in our House and Senate! The life you save may well be your own! Thank you so much for reading this, and share it to increase our reach!

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