Democracy is gasping for what could be its last breath

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The Right Stuff – By Donald Holman

I am amazed at the kerfuffle going on as I write this on Saturday, 8/18/2018, over removing the security clearance from a guy that voted for a communist for president and is an ardent Muslim. Many of us wonder how he ever got one in the first place! The idea that removing a security clearance from someone that is no longer working for the government anyway and therefore has no “need to know,” which I always thought was the criteria to begin with, makes you wonder, doesn’t it? So much has happened so quickly that I believe it is time to back the camera up, “zoom out” as it were, and look at what is going on from a little distance and see if we can gain perspective. It could be that we have been so involved in the details that we are missing the big picture.

The story begins even earlier than you may have thought or known. We are all familiar with the huge computer that NSA reluctantly admitted they had that keeps the records they have on every American. I am sure you recall that, even though they have these records, they can only be accessed by American intelligence services after an OK from an American court. Yet, in late 2015 some 5,000 “illegal” searches were done. We must assume by illegal that this means no court order was sought or obtained. But moreover, these 5,000 were done by “private contractors,” and many believe Fusion GPS was among them. I am sure this is entirely illegal, yet, surely someone must know who and what, where and how. But these details remain unknown by the public. Many believe these searches were into every possible candidate for the Republican nomination to run against the Democrat, in 2016, and no evidence to the contrary has emerged.

The chapter involving President Trump began (if we can believe the latest date of discovery, which keeps moving back) in April 2016 because of contacts that Carter Page, a very junior advisor to the Trump campaign who never had a single meeting with Trump, and the Russians. Exactly why Page was used as an excuse to start this mess is a bit unclear, since he has helped the CIA in the past against the Russians, but any port in a storm I guess! You may recall that it recently came to light that Senator Diane Feinstein, of California, had a Chinese driver several years ago that was suspected of being a spy. The FBI went to Senator Feinstein and informed her privately so that she could fire the man privately, and the public never learned about it until now. There is presently a letter of inquiry sitting at the FBI office wanting to know why this was not done with Carter Page and President Trump? That letter remains unanswered. So, the FBI started recording the phone calls, reading emails and more of Carter Page, and remember that the FBI can also record up to two steps from Carter Page as far as his associates are concerned. This would have put most of then-candidate Trump’s campaign staff within reach of the FBI wiretaps.

John Brennan, head of the CIA at the time, reported a sketchy tip from an Estonian intelligence agency concerning candidate Trump and assembled an inter-agency spy group, including such impartial souls as Peter Strzok and others from Treasury, DOJ, FBI and the White House, as well as the infamous James Clapper, director of National Intelligence. The sketchy tip didn’t pan out, yet this spy group was not disbanded but rather expanded and remained in effect until sometime after the election of Donald John Trump and was used to spy and who knows what else, on candidate Trump, then-Republican nominee Trump and finally president-elect Trump.

Backing up a little to cover a very important detail, Admiral Rogers, head of NSA appointed in early 2014, learned of the illegal searches by outside contractors in April 2015 and ordered them halted immediately. Admiral Rogers is also the guy that asked for an emergency meeting with president-elect Donald Trump immediately after the secure communications room was set up in Trump Tower. The meeting with Admiral Rogers went for several hours and was conducted entirely inside the secure meeting room. The next day was when President elect Trump announced his operation was being “wiretapped,” and he quietly moved operations to a property he owned in New Jersey. Within days James Capper and other figures since discovered to be involved in this mess complained about Admiral Rogers and tried to get him dismissed from his job. Strangely, the Republicans in the Senate defended the Democrat appointed Rogers and told President Obama they would not approve a replacement were President Obama to attempt to replace Admiral Rogers, and so they dropped the issue.

So, the entire time that candidate Trump and then-Republican nominee Trump was running for office, his operation was being spied upon by agencies of the United States government, which were under the control of the opposite political party. I could go into much more detail than this, but time and space does not allow. One little tidbit for thinking about – remember the reporter whose car was going at a high rate of speed in downtown Washington D.C. and who died in a fiery crash that was said to be doing an investigation into a high ranking official of the U.S. government? His name was Michael Hastings, and he was investigating John Brennan.

The list of names President Trump has said he is considering removing security clearances from are many of the key players in the above charade. Were Attorney General Jeff Sessions not hiding under a bed somewhere in Washington D.C., surely charges would have already been brought against many of them. (Don’t you wonder what the real story is behind his “recusal?”) But in the meantime, shouldn’t we at least limit the damage they can do? And look at the swamp gather together to protect their own! Many patriots that should know better have joined this protection movement. It is both sad and shocking to see scoundrels covered for by good and decent men and women. But it indicates how difficult the coming clean up will be!

Ladies and gentlemen, there is a lot more evidence of the things I am writing about today. If you want to spend a little bit of your time searching and reading about these things, the “conservative treehouse” is a good site to start. But I wrote all this to say – how much of this did you know? A quiet coup has been underway to take out the duly elected president of these United States. The resources of our government have been used in a very deliberate way to organize against the current occupant of the Oval Office. Have you noticed over 20 career officers of the DOJ and the FBI have been fired, allowed to retire or moved on, and not a single lawsuit concerning an improper firing?

Now I would ask you another pretty simple question. If the newspapers and television stations all across the Untied States of America sat silently while this happened and told you as little about it as they possibly could in order to protect one political party over another, what would you say about them? Would you say they are an enemy of the people they are supposed to protect by informing them?

Wouldn’t you think that we need this information to be informed citizens and know what it is we are voting for and against? Just this morning I heard a Democrat senator saying that the fact that Donald Trump Jr. was willing to meet with the Russians to get dirt on Hillary meant he was guilty of collusion. But we KNOW that Hillary not only collected Russian lies on President Trump but she also had them inserted as gospel truth into the intelligence agencies of this country and used to obtain wiretaps and more against an entirely innocent candidate. Where were the wiretaps on her campaign?

If you do not understand the peril our democracy is in and the urgent need for your attention and vote in this midterm election, I just don’t know what else can be said. Surely if the Republicans lose the house, all this dirt will be swept back under the rug. Many of these dishonest, if not traitorous, officials will keep their positions and continue to undermine our democracy and the rule of law. May God have mercy on this great land if that happens, because His mercy would be all that could save our democracy. I hope you understand and double-check all I have said here and much more. I thank you for your time and attention!

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  1. Comment by Sam Vines

    August 22, 2018 at 9:45 pm

    I feel like each time I read one of your opinion pieces I am re-reading the manifesto of Theodore John Kaczynski. Please seek help.

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