Director of schools wants to clear up misconceptions

Posted By | July 23, 2018 7:26 am

Kurt Dronebarger, White County Director of Schools, would like for all the employees of the White County school system to know that he values everything that they do.

After a recent article about support staff of the school system, he expressed that he would like to clear up any misconceptions that anyone has.

In the most recent White County School Board meeting, it was reported that the school system’s support staff might be getting a raise. After reviewing the minutes of that meeting, it was assessed that Dronebarger discussed benefits for the support staff instead.

“We were talking about them not having personal days,” said Dronebarger. “We were discussing if the board could review that and maybe convert some of their sick time to personal time.”

Dronebarger stated he asked the school board if it was possible that incoming employees transfer their sick days when they come to work.

“For instance, currently if they came in from, say, Putnam County and DeKalb County, we don’t accept their sick days,” said Dronebarger. “I think we need to look at that as a recruiting tool.”

Dronebarger expressed that all the support staff automatically gets a 3 percent raise, which is customary in White County. He stated that teachers receive money from the Tennessee governor’s office that counts as their raise.

“I think [they received] $1,500 this year across the board,” said Dronebarger. “Last year, I think it was $1,700 [per year].”

He went on to say that teachers are on a step-up pay scale as well and receive an increase in salary per years of experience. This is in addition to the aforementioned standard 3 percent increase every year for support staff.

Dronebarger stressed he would like to clear up what he said about the teachers being out a day as opposed to support staff being out a day.

“As principal, I don’t want teachers to be out,” said Dronebarger. “But if they are going to be out one day, I would rather a teacher to be out rather than an aide. I can get a substitute teacher, I can’t get a substitute aide.”

He stated that he values all of the White County school system’s employees.

“I recognize how much our aides do behind the scenes,” said Dronebarger. “I think we have a fantastic school system.”

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