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April-June 2018

Books in Memory:

-Cultus Campbell, Straw Bale Solutions; Orvis Guide To Leaders, Knots and Tippets, given by Dickie & Martha Denton, Ovean Phifer, Gaylord Milsna, Arnold Rice & Demps Family

-Troy Carter, Hobby Farm Animals, given by Randall & Susan Kirby

-Dylan Cucinella, Paintball Boss; For Extreme-Sports Crazy Boys Only; Emic Tomatoes, given by Annette King & Justin Young

-Dylan Cucinella, The If In Life, given by Patty Stults

-Dylan Cucinella, Code Talker: A Novel, given by Linda & Gary Witt

-Teresa Dicus, A Merry Christmas Cookbook, given by White County Library Staff

-Teresa Dicus, The Power of Kindness, given by Alan & Brenda Hudson

-Kenneth M. Dodson, The Book of M, given by Floyd’s Cash Saver

-John Gilbert, The Escape Artist, given by Floyd’s Cash Saver

-Ila Fisher, Climate-Wise Landscaping, given by Annette Gooch Winters

-Troy Hillis, NASCAR: The Complete History – 2017 Edition, given by

-L.C. Kell, Heaven Bound DVD, given by Dana Gorter

-Mardelle (Marti) Fattig, Lost Ballparks, given by O’Connor FCE Club

-Mildred Knowles, Winter Sisters, given by Floyd’s Cash Saver

-Mildred Knowles, Oh Scrap! Fabulous Quilts, given by O’Connor FCE Club

-Avalyn Lacy, Decorating In Detail, given by John & Linda Knowles

-Avalyn Lacy, Originals – Lindal Cedar Homes, given by Alvin & Barbara Lacy

-Shane Maples, Little League Drills & Strategies, given by Connie Jolley

-Ila Mae Mason & Elnora Moore, Recipes & Remembrances – Quebeck Community

-R. L. Mason, Winter Moon, given by Gary & Linda Witt

-Audrey Maxwell, The High Tide Club, given by Floyd’s Cash Saver

-Grace Ike Womack Parker, Redemption Point, given by Jim & Frankie Floyd

-Don Templeman, The Fair Chase, Bob & Annette Winters

-Martha Templeton, Ultimate Appetizer Cookbook, given by Gary & Linda Witt

-David Wallace, Calypso, given by Floyd’s Cash Saver

-Donnie Williams, Pressing the Issue, given by Floyd’s Cash Saver

Books in Honor:

-Nell Marchbanks, Color Me Floral, given by Jim & Sandra, David & Michelle & Family, Robert & Sylinia & Family

Contributions in Memory:

-Michael Steele, given by John & Doris Dawson

-Michael Steele, given by Tim, Cathy & Drew Farley

-Michael Steele, given by Michael, Paulina & Ashton Hale

-Michael Steele, given by Molli Hennessey

-Michael Steele, given by Max Minor

-Michael Steele, given by Patty Stults

-Michael Steele, given by Rita Sutcliffe

-Michael Steele, given by Bob & Annette Winters

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