Don’t be too concerned about appearance, it can change

By | February 1, 2018 8:15 am

Playl’s Ponderings – By Steve Playl

You and I may have never met. Perhaps you have never seen me and would not know me from my dog. If you have seen me, it has probably been a while. Either way, if you could see me now, you might not recognize me with facial hair.

So, if you see someone that looks like me, except he has a little scruff on his face, it’s probably me. Some have said, “Hey! That looks pretty cool.”

Others ask, “What are you thinking? or “Did you know they have razor blades on sale at _____?”

To answer the questioning group: I just thought I’d try it and see how it looks to have a goatee and mustache. I thought, maybe it would look pretty cool. My son looks great with a beard. I thought I would just try it for a couple of weeks.

Quite honestly, I have received more complimentary remarks than derogatory ones. My wife says that’s only because no one wants to hurt my feelings. When I share the negative comments, she said, “Well, at least a few folks are still honest!”

A doctor friend in our hospital, a hospital volunteer, and a neighbor I sat in front of at church last Sunday have all been brutally honest in their opinions. Still, 92 percent of those who have seen and recognized me found the whiskers very becoming, as my grandmother used to say. OK, so I made up the statistic. Government and media do that all the time!

Let me share a couple of observations made by someone whose opinion matters, though. The CEO of our hospital said, and I quote, “Looks good…takes 10 years off your life…looks very professorial.”

I especially liked the last one. Other than appearance, I have a “professorial trait” of being, sometimes, absent-minded. That, along with a graduate degree, surely qualifies me to teach a few college classes as an adjunct.

It’s really not worth stressing over, but being “cool” is kind of…uh, cool. You know? On a shelf in our home is one of those sayings that says, “DAD! You’re way cooler than Mom.” Guess which of my four adult children bought that for me? OK, I confess. I bought it myself….still…

As far as opinions that matter, my wife’s view trumps all others. Her view of facial hair is that it looks good on some men, including our son; but when her husband is the object of the discussion, her belief is that if God had intended for me to have a beard, He would never have allowed someone to invent razor blades.

God’s view is the one that counts most. Look at His thoughts on our looks.

David made a lot of mistakes and, at times, let his passions control him; however, David was a man after God’s own heart. He came from humble beginnings. Apparently he wasn’t the most handsome fellow in the land, or even the best looking guy in his family. But God told Samuel to not judge according to physique or features when looking for the new king.

God told Samuel, “The Lord doesn’t see people as others do: men (and women) look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart.” (I Samuel 16:7)

Having a heart for God is what really matters. All have sinned…but when we approach God in humility, He looks at the heart, by His grace.

God doesn’t really care whether I have a beard or not. But since the one whose opinion is second most important doesn’t care for it, my appearance will probably change before spring.

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