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I do a lot of bragging about how good our basketball teams were in the 90’s, but something I fail to mention is that we stood out in another area during that time.
It would have been hard to find another school that had as many outstanding student performers of the national anthem. In addition to getting to watch some of the best high school basketball teams play, prior to the game we were fortunate enough to get to hear some great renditions of the national anthem.
What brought this to my mind? Well Regina Coonrod, of course. If you were attending games during that time period, you know exactly what I am talking about. I recently saw Regina sing the national anthem on YouTube. It was from an event that was shown on cpsan where she was asked to sing. Listening to her took me back to a time when she used to be a regular performer at the high school.
In case you haven’t heard, Regina is coming back to Sparta to do a concert. I encourage everyone to attend. I have heard the songs from her EP that she recorded and they are awesome. Most impressive is the fact she wrote and arranged all the songs.
Regina has been performing for several years all over the world to some of the most important audiences imaginable. She joined the Air Force in the late 90’s and it didn’t take them long to learn what those of us in Sparta who watched her grow up already knew. That girl can sing!
She has played for our troops all over the country and abroad. She has also performed with the Air Force at various events for years. After having established her career, Regina is going to try and pursue a dream. She will have her first solo concert here in Sparta on August 7th. I really think it is something everyone is going to want to see.
I get the chance to brag about our athletes on a regular basis. I wanted to take the opportunity to brag on another standout who has been serving our country. Make sure to show Regina that her hometown appreciates what she has accomplished through the years and head out to the Neon Stage.

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