Doyle College research project

By | July 11, 2018 6:31 am

By Landon Medley

Can you identify Miss Rosia Stewart, from Texas, teacher at Doyle College in 1892, Miss Mattie Hill, teacher at Doyle College, in 1892, and Miss Minnie Lansden, Primary Department at Doyle College, in 1892?  Do you know Robert L. Dudley from Mansfield, Texas? Former teachers Florence Cope and Helen Keathley (1895)? In the 1890s Si Klone wrote community articles for the Sparta Expositor, do you know of him?  Who was Si Klone? The college printed bulletins and catalogues, anyone know of copies? The Brown Printing Company at Sparta did these bulletins and catalogues. The first telegraph operator in Doyle was A. P. Johnson (May 1892). The old road into Doyle follow passed the Doyle Cemetery into town. It crossed over toward the railroad tracks then passed the old Terry Building block out of town. Highway 70 construction remove the old road toward the present route in town.  The Doyle Cemetery section of the old road is the last remaining section of the original stagecoach route to the town. Welcome calls (931) 946-2951.

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