Doyle College research project

By | August 7, 2018 8:08 am

By Landon D. Medley

After the college years Doyle College became Doyle Institute, Doyle College High School operated 1922-24. Four known teachers were James Larkin Muskelley, Linnie Jones, Lillian Water and James Luther McAliley. These names are referenced the White County Retired Teachers book on schools of White County. Mr. Muskelley and Mr. McAliley were former students at Union University, in Jackson, Tennessee. During this time, the Rev. Pearly B. Baldridge was the pastor at Doyle. After 1924, the Home Mission Board stopped funding the school due to a financial scandal. In 1924, Onward Seminary and Doyle Institute became Doyle Academy. It operated until 1936. The trustees sold 7 acres of the original 13-acre campus to the White County Board of Education. McAliley operated the school until 1930, with some funding provided by contract with the White County Court. Mrs. Fred Clark’s book about Doyle School provides names of some students. Mr. Muskelley moved to Nashville and taught school.  Mr. McAliley return to Jackson, Tennessee, and taught at Union University. Suggested reading… Baptist and Reflector Newspaper. Phone  (931) 946-2951 with any information.

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