Doyle students recognized by faculty and school board

By | February 12, 2018 6:43 am

Brenda Knox, Doyle Elementary School principal, and Jayson McDonald, White County School Board member, are pictured with four of the six Doyle Elementary students who were recognized during the recent school board meeting.

During a recent meeting of the White County Board of Education, several students were recognized by their school administrator and honored by the faculty and school board members.

On Feb. 8, 2018, the White County Board of Education held its monthly meeting, which was hosted by Doyle Elementary School. Each month, a different school hosts the school board’s meeting, which gives parents and opportunity to attend the school board meeting at their student’s school once a year.

The school administrator has an opportunity to make a presentation to the school board and also recognize outstanding students from the host school. Brenda Knox, Doyle Elementary School principal, presented students from each grade level, with the help of her faculty and staff members, to be recognized and honored by the school board.

These students were recognized by Knox, who gave the following statements regarding each student:

-Audrey Clouse (third grade): “Audrey was chosen as a problem solver because she is always attentive and eager to learn. Audrey is the daughter of Cadie and Kyle Clouse. She is always willing to help others without being prompted. When given a task, Audrey does not give up. She will ask questions until she fully understands. Audrey is loved and we are very proud of her progress this year.”

-Bryson Ashburn (third grade): “We chose Bryson as a problem solver because he is always eager to learn and always participates in class. Bryson is the son of Amanda and Dewayne Ashburn. Bryson is a very smart boy and a great helper for other students in the classroom. When given a task, Bryson works diligently to complete the task with accuracy.”

-Addy Cocke (fourth grade): “Addy Cocke is a very bright student. Addy is the daughter of Latisha and Jordan Cocke. She placed third in the county-wide speech contest. Whatever she does she wants it to be perfect. She understands any problem well by asking a lot of questions. She always has a positive outlook and strives to please everyone. We are so proud to have Addy in our classes.”

-Ben Brogden (fourth grade): “Ben is a very smart, well rounded student. He is the son of Becky and Rhyn Brogden. His ability to solve problems amazes us. Ben is a thinker, and he doesn’t ever get overly emotional when faced with any problem. He has a positive outlook and thinks through everything in a logical way. He has the courage to make a decision regardless if it’s right or wrong. He has the desire to lead and help others in any situation. Ben is a joy to both of our classes.”

-Mykenzie Slatton (fifth grade): “Mykenzie is a fifth grade student in Ms. Lollar’s homeroom. She is the daughter of Benjie and Keisha Slatton. She is an All A honor student who always goes above and beyond in her classes. Mykenzie’s ability to problems solve is evident in her classroom achievements. During her Winter Maps Assessment, she had a RIT score of 228 in ELA and 229 in Math. These are significantly higher than the norm and the district’s norm. Her ELA score puts her well over the norms for the 11th grade year! Both Winter ELA and Math are also gains from her Fall scores. Gains at this level are usually difficult, but Mykenzie exceeded everyone’s expectations. Mykenzie’s academic abilities, love of reading, and desire to learn are the foundation to her abilities to problem solve.”

-Isaiah Kelso (fifth grade): “Isaiah is a fifth grader in Mrs. Simpson’s homeroom. He is the son of Marshall and Angela Kelso. Isaiah is also an honor roll student who is able to balance his high level of school work and his active sports life. He is a student who is able to prioritize and manage his school assignments to always be prepared and have everything completed. He is a team player and exceptional problem solver on the basketball court as a Doyle Indian. In the classroom is where he shines. At Winter Map testing, he was able to score well above the norm and above the district’s mean RIT. His reading RIT was measured at the 11th grade level! Isaiah’s ability to rationalize his thinking and balance school and sports makes him an outstanding problem solver.”

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