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Miss Maggie

Introduction by Sharon Langford, President – Friends of White County Animals

Following is a story shared by Barb Gaynor about two much loved rescue dogs. We are sure you will be inspired by the Gaynors’ compassion, love and commitment to provide wonderful forever homes to these special dogs. There are so many dogs and cats needing loving homes. Please consider adopting a rescue and helping animals in any way you can.

Our Miss Maggie – Story by Barb Gaynor

My husband and I have been married for 43 years, and for 35 of those years, we have had a Scottish Terrier in our lives. We adopted our first rescue Scotty in 2008 from the Tennessee Scottish Terrier Rescue group in Baxter. Her name was Aggie, but we added a “M” and called her Maggie. It was New Year’s Eve when Jim and Ginger McAfee, who run the Scotty Rescue, arrived at our home to make sure we were suitable parents for Aggie. We lived in an apartment above our garage at the time and that afternoon, Miss Maggie came running up the stairs, planted her sweet self on our couch and was bound and determined she was staying. Of course, we fell in love and she had her forever home.

Her story was a bit sad, though. She lived with an elderly lady who loved her dearly, but, she had to go into a nursing home and could not take her beloved dog. She made her son promise to take care of her precious little girl until she came back home but that was not to be. He left her outside all the time, never had her groomed, but thankfully when his mom passed away, he did the right thing and handed her over to Jim and Ginger. She was a dirty matted mess but they could see her sweetness right away. They did not have much information about her and guessed her to be about five or six years old.

Maggie was so adorable and quite the snuggler. We found if she heard the word, walk, her tail would wag a mile a minute in hopes of getting that walk around town. She was especially fond of morning walks. And, she loved riding in a car – Maggie couldn’t get in the car fast enough! Now, she was deathly afraid of thunderstorms and I always thought it was because she was left outside. But, Maggie loved to eat and would eat anything we gave her and sometimes things we didn’t.

Maggie only lived with us for three short years and during those years she was pure joy! She was gentle with the grandkids and of course, she was always glad to see anyone who came in the house.

Our names for her included Miss Magnadoodle and Miss Maggers and, of course, she responded to each of those. She passed away on Ash Wednesday but we will remember how precious she was to us and I believe we were to her.   We will always miss her and love her.

We chose to adopt another Scotty on Good Friday. We named him Scottie and we let him know how much we love him every day!

Closing by Shirley Smith, Friends of White County Animals Board Member:

Sometimes life happens and people must go and leave their beloved pets behind. Thankfully Maggie had the luck to land in Barb and her husband’s lap. Thank you to everyone who step up to the plate and provide homeless animals with loving homes.

Please do your part to help control the animal population by spaying and neutering your pets. There are so many homeless dogs and cats needing good homes. If you wish to have your pet(s) spayed or neutered and cannot afford the cost, the White County Humane Society can provide financial assistance. Call the Spay/Neuter Coordinator at (931) 935-8377.

If you would like to become a member (non-paying) of the Friends of White County Animals or help with donations, or by volunteering, email us at: . You can also visit us at: or follow us on Facebook.

For your next furry friend, please consider contacting the White County Animal Shelter at 931-761-3647, or check them out on Facebook or

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Amazon: While you shop Amazon for gifts and décor, go to rather than and select Friends of White County Animals as the charity of your choice. Amazon will make a .05 % donation to us on your qualified purchases at no extra cost to you.

Northfield Vineyards: Visit our friends at Northfield Vineyards and pick up a bottle of Ru-Bark, the Rhubarb flavored wine that is delicious and with each bottle sold, a $1 donation is made to Friends of White County Animals.

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