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Introduction by Friends of White County Animals President Sharon Langford

We think the following story about the rescued cats will make you smile (and probably laugh) and hope it will inspire you to create your own story of your rescued pet(s). Shirley Gribble Smith and Carolyn Turner, board members, kept me updated about this wonderful lady who had adopted several Calicos which they had fostered and I asked them if they thought she would be willing to share her experience. We are so grateful that she did! There are so many homeless cats in our county and we are so thankful for the people who help by adopting, fostering, donating food, and advocating for animal welfare.

Rescued Calico Cats Galore

Of course, being a woman and never wrong, I was always a dog person and said NO CATS for me, until I accidentally met a wonderful lady, named Shirley who changed my whole world! She introduced me to three small Calico kittens, whose mother had been left in a house with no food and no way out. The mama cat was found in the nick of time! After rescuing her, she started delivering the kittens in Shirley’s car!

I have always loved Calico cats because of their unique color patterns. No two are exactly alike. I “secretly” wanted one, not three and certainly not three rambunctious kittens at once! But, I ended up taking all 3 and they thrived! My husband called them “his girls” and he came to love them as much as I did. Their antics kept us laughing all the time with their running, jumping, chasing their tails and rolling all over each other. It was quite an adventure, but one I thoroughly enjoyed.

I then decided I needed to rescue a male cat and a huge female Calico cat, who was not wanted in her current situation. I thought 5 cats in my house was enough and knew I was through with rescuing. We all settled in to enjoy the antics of everyday kitten life. The running, playing, hissing, jumping up and down and endless activity was going on in the house everyday, all day long!

Then, my friend Shirley, informed me of a small Calico that had lost her mother and was being cared for by a wonderful woman named Carolyn. Of course, my heart went out to this kitten, whose litter mates were struggling with everyday life. Carolyn sent me a picture of the kitten, only six weeks old, and again, it was love at first sight. I could not wait until she was with me in her new home. Finally, the day came when I was able to see her and she was so beautiful and sweet and I loved her so much! I named her Hallie-lou-ya, thinking this is my last one!

Hallie has brought so much joy and love to me and my other cats. Her endless energy goes on for most of the day and I can hardly wait to see what she will do next, but her loving nature is something that just pulls at my heart as well. I never know what to expect from any of the cats, but Hallie is one to always surprise me, from going through my drawers, playing in my purse, pouncing on her kitty friend Mary, to laying in my baskets, sleeping on my head, playing with ice and drinking from a straw, she is funny, exciting and completely full of energy!

We go on long walks, exploring everything that moves. All of them love climbing up the trees, only to cry for me to get one or more down, safely. I have had to learn their individual voices and meows, their daily habits of where to lay and who can walk into their space and who can’t. They love to play fight for a space to sleep, when they all decide to lay on the bed with me. There is no answering the phone when they decide to lay or sit next to me. We have empty boxes everywhere so they have a place to play and hide. I feel like I go to the pet store more than any other store, just to keep them happy, so, in other words, I have turned into the crazy cat lady and have tons of cat pictures on my phone always striving to get that purrfect cat picture!!!

I am forever grateful to Shirley and Carolyn for blessing me with a special gift of giving my “girls” a loving home. I have gone through many ups and downs in my personal life and it is comforting to know I am always loved and appreciated, no matter my situation. I love my girls: Hunny Bunny, Lilly Bermuda, Mary Margaret, Rylee Rose, Mr. Kitty and last, but not least, my Hallie-lou-ya. So, to sum this up, I would adopt or rescue these cats and kittens all over again to save their lives and mine! I would highly recommend to everyone, please ADOPT a RESCUE and together we can change the lives of these precious animals, one life at a time.

Closing by board member Shirley Smith:

Any cat lucky enough to wind up at Peggy’s house is a lucky cat. She has been a life-line to several needy and homeless cats. Sadly, there are so many cats that are not that lucky. Since White County does not have a cat shelter or a cat rescue, please do your part to control White County’s animal population and have your pets spayed or neutered. If you wish to have your pet(s) spayed or neutered and cannot afford the cost, the White County Humane Society can provide financial assistance. Call the Spay/Neuter Coordinator at (931) 935-8377.

If you would like to become a member (non-paying) of the Friends of White County Animals or help with donations, or by volunteering, email us at: . You can also visit us at: or follow us on Facebook.

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