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By | January 10, 2019 7:44 am

By Jerry Jones – patriot and constitutionalist, Central Intelligence Agency, Ret. Sparta’s native son

Over the course of the past two years, President Donald Trump has kept many of his campaign promises and has scored accomplishment after accomplishment at home and abroad.  I am not aware of any previous U.S. president who has been so dedicated and determined to keep all the campaign promises he made to his supporters and the American people.  What he has accomplished in the first half of his first four-year term as president is astounding.

Given the lengthy list of his accomplishments (over 220 promises kept), I will only cite a few of the more noteworthy. Perhaps the one kept promise that had the most meaningful and direct impact on the daily life of working Americans was the lowering of income taxes.  That was a major promise made and kept by President Trump.  It should be remembered that not one Socialist Democrat Party congressional member voted to lower your taxes.  That is indicative of the high level of control yielded by Socialists within the party.  High taxes and fees are trademarks of socialism and communism.  In the world of socialism and communism all power/authority rests solely with a large money-hungry and dictatorial central government from which little flows back to the subordinate masses.  That is one of the main reasons the Socialists, the vanguard of communism, targeted, infiltrated, and took over the old Democrat Party. The Democrats have always favored a welfare state; i.e. a state where the citizenry is primarily dependent on government.  Their current support for porous and open borders speaks directly to that fact.  In every illegal alien, the Democrats see a potential beholden voter who can be controlled with handouts/welfare.  No thought is given to how this chicanery will affect future generations of Americans.

In quick succession, the following denotes other promises kept by the president.  He initiated a North Korean dialogue, and there is now hope of a nuclear-free Korean peninsula.  He demanded and got NATO member countries to bring their in-arrears funding commitments up to date and to keep their fair share funding accounts current. He neutered ObamaCare.  He withdrew from the ill-advised Iran nuclear deal and reinstated sanctions on Iran. He negotiated a more favorable trade agreement with Canada and Mexico and is in the process of negotiating a better trade deal with China. He has placed two new conservative justices on the Supreme Court, thus further protecting the U.S. Constitution.  He exposed the ‘fake news media’ as a propaganda mouthpiece for the Socialist Democrats.  And, amazingly he has brought American companies and manufacturing plants and jobs – which Obama said were gone forever – back to America.  He has generated a booming economy and led the U.S. to energy independence.  The U.S. is now the number one exporter of crude oil in the world, etc.

What makes the foregoing (which is a very abbreviated list of the president’s many accomplishments) even more astounding is the shooting-gallery-type of arena in which this was accomplished. He did all this without the help of the Democrats and without any support from the biased press.  And, don’t forget he has had to deal with a corrupt FBI headquarters (it grieves to me say that), a conspiratorial department of justice, a highly biased special counsel, and a few jealous Republicans .

During the same period the Socialist Democrat Party accomplished nothing for the American people! Their actions have been and continue to be self-centered resistance and obstruction in a desperate effort to (01) regain control of the White House and Congress, and (02) change our form of government from a Constitutional Republic to a Socialist drone state with all power resting with a huge central government.

So how did the SDP win control of the U.S. House of Representatives in the midterm election cycle?  I answer that question with this question, how do you know when a politician is lying?  Answer, “their lips are moving.”  And, that is just what the SDP did.  They had to lie as they had no accomplishments to run on.  And, of course, the fake news media supported their lies and misrepresentations.  They had to win something or lose all credibility as a viable political entity.  It was a desperate, exhausting and money-depleting effort.  But it was a hollow victory in that they failed to win control of the U.S. Senate.  In fact, they lost seats in that all-important legislative body.  And, very importantly, their foreign and domestic (Socialists and Communists) money sources are less than thrilled with the high-cost limited results.

With a Republican-controlled Senate and a Socialist-controlled House of Representatives, you can expect the congressional swamp to spin its wheels for the next two years.  The fact that the SDP regained control of the House of Representatives is not the best thing that could happen to them.  In fact, I believe it may turn out to be a detriment.  Had they won the Senate, then they would have been in the ‘catbird seat.”  As it is now, they – as the controlling party in the House of Representatives – must do something productive for the country over the next two years, other than resist and obstruct President Trump and try to impeach him.  They must deal with the fact that the mid-term election further exposed their party’s acquiescence to socialism.

There is no longer a real Democrat Party.  Yes, there are still some true Democrats (which is a good thing), but they are few and without a party or influence.  Putting my personal bias aside and based on what I know and have seen up this point in time, I feel comfortable in saying the 2020 presidential election will be lost to the Socialists long before election day.

God bless America and our president, Donald Trump!

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    SUPERB!!!!!!!! EXCELLENT!!!!!! WELL SAID!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!

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