Have you ever heard the corrected version?

By | February 8, 2018 7:11 am

Thirteen years ago, our heads were still spinning from a whirlwind visit to Fort Worth, Texas, where our first grandson, Gilbert Allen Nash Jr., had just been born. A couple weeks ago, Allen became our first grandchild to reach the milestone of teenager.

Three years behind, Allen Lawrence entered the world.   Recently we held a combined birthday celebration for those two and their younger brother, James David. The three Nash boys have birthdays within a few weeks of each other. Since almost losing Lawrence to a drowning accident three years ago, we have felt extremely blessed to celebrate birthdays, especially with Lawrence!

Annabelle, born between Allen and Lawrence but with a summer birthday, gets her own party. But back to the boys’ birthday bash.

Sammie and I were sitting around the table with the Nash   family when Annabelle felt compelled to correct some statement that someone had made. At this point, our daughter gave her daughter “the look” and interrupted Annabelle’s interruption.

Stephanie then explained, “The two middle children are getting bad about making corrections to everything anybody says.”

“Yeah,” the new teenager in the family agreed, “especially Lawrence. He corrects me ALL the time!”

“No I don’t!” Lawrence snapped back, defensively, “Not ALL the time!”

Then, with a smile on his face and his hands spread, Allen countered, “I rest my case.”

At this point in the conversation, all of us bent over in laughter – end of argument.

We’ve all known people that just had to add something to   every conversation by offering a correction – usually a very minor correction – to almost every sentence. Some folks even interrupt themselves in this way.

In that case, the monologue may go something like this, “I talked to Larry last Thursday…or was it Friday? Maybe it was Wednesday. Must have been about 1 in the afternoon…no, it was around 1:30…or was it before noon. I can’t remember exactly right now, but anyway…now who did I say I was talking to?”

I confess. I’ve “chased rabbits” by correcting myself sometimes. I have also been annoyed – or perhaps amused – when others have done the same. And none of us enjoy being   corrected, especially about something very trivial.

What causes this irritating trait in people, anyway? Are we trying to demonstrate superior knowledge? Just trying to be helpful? Are we OCD about minor details? Terrified of making a mistake…even an insignificant one? Perhaps we like to hear the sound of our own voice? Maybe we’re just young and immature like my very precious grandchildren?

At times we may be guilty of this type of immaturity, on a spiritual level, when we talk to God. We may talk when we should be listening…to our Lord.

The impulsive Apostle Peter found himself in this   predicament many times. Here are a few examples – He suggested staying on the mount of transfiguration with Jesus, Moses and Elijah; he tried to talk Jesus out of going to Jerusalem; he wanted to walk on water; he didn’t want Jesus to wash his feet; he boasted, “Even if they kill me I won’t deny you;” and when Jesus, after the resurrection, questioned his love, he tried to change the subject asking about John.

Jesus was so patient with Peter, and He is patient with us, too. When we pray, we sometimes say the wrong thing. Sometime we try to correct God or just “rattle on” when we   should be silent in His Presence. Be assured of this, though, He wants us to talk to Him. He takes pleasure in hearing us address Him as Father. Keep the conversation open.

…but it’s OK to listen, and you never have to correct Him. He’s never wrong.

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