“I think I might miss you!”

by | October 12, 2017 7:39 am

Playl’s Ponderings – by Steve Playl

This probably won’t come as a big surprise, but Sammie and I think our grandchildren say the cutest things. Often the cute things they say express deeply precious feelings from their little hearts, and many times those words tear at our hearts – either right then or perhaps a few days later.

A few days ago we were saying “goodbye” – or “bye for now” – to Shannon and Katie Grace. They had driven all the way from Wilmington for a weekend celebration of Shannon’s birthday. Now they were pulling out of the driveway. We were telling K.G. how much we would miss her, and she was sharing one of her more recent original- and very cute – little expressions.

“I think I might miss you, Nahnee!”

Kathryn was on the verge of tears as we faced a few weeks of separation. So were we. We always miss our grandchildren when they are not with us. But we expect to see her again, and we can talk on the phone, even facetime with her, until we are reunited.

She said, “I think I MIGHT miss you.” But we all know that we WILL miss each other. It’s not maybe or perhaps or might. It’s not, “I think I’ll miss you.” It’s, “I WILL miss you.”

Of course we had no way of foreseeing what was going to happen a couple thousand miles from here a few hours after the farewells in our driveway. No one on earth could have known, at that point in time, about the carnage that was about to take place in Las Vegas. Who could have possibly predicted the slaughter of innocent lives that would destroy a night of fun and change thousands of lives forever?

Such a senseless, unspeakable act of wickedness! How could any human being be so vile or demented that he could   methodically shoot into a crowd of thousands, killing dozens of strangers and wounding hundreds more?

How could our society have gone so far down “the tube”   that mass murders occur, with regularity, in our world? How could any group take advantage of such a horrific massacre to politicize and further divide our nation? How could anyone be so calloused that their response to such an atrocity is a flippant, “I hope they were all Republicans (or gay, or white, or liberals, or any other group of fellow humans.)”?

For God’s sake! They were human beings! Each of those victims – and the victims of the mass murders from Blacksburg to Orlando, from Charleston to San Bernardino – ALL of them were people, children of God. Each of them was somebody’s son or daughter, wife or husband, sister or brother, parent, friend.

Yes! It’s a time to ask questions and discuss ways to, hopefully, prevent some future catastrophic event, but, PLEASE, don’t use this as a platform to spout a close-minded political view. Even if it is a view I might agree with.

For anyone mindless, heartless, and compassionless enough to forget the heroes who died saving someone else’s life, or just died, period, and the ones they left behind, all I can say is, “Well, bless your heart, I do pity you in your miserable life.”

Throughout our country and many other spots in our world, right now, there are thousands of people saying, “I DO miss you. I WILL miss you.” Hopefully, for most of them the sentence continues, “…until we meet again in Heaven.”

Please, pray for those directly affected by the senseless shootings. Also pray for our nation and our world.

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