Is accountability coming to Washington with Barr?

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The Right Stuff – By Donald Holman

So it’s another week in the good ole USA, and what a week it was! The question that is beginning to be asked is will the criminals involved in the illegal spying effort on the Trump campaign be brought to justice? For a very long time, we had assumed the answer would be “no.” But with an attorney general, who is known to be a straight shooter, who has taken this job knowing if he played it straight he would come under tremendous pressure, there may be some hope. One thing is sure. We, the American people, will never look at our system of justice and our investigative forces, the FBI and such, with the same feelings of pride and trust that we have had in the past, if the crooks are not held to account.

Without a doubt, A.G. Barr’s announcement there had been spying on the Trump campaign caused much pearl-clutching and heartburn among the prognosticating class. But are we really surprised? The American press was happy to push these claims of Russian collusion, even though there were plenty of signs all over Washington that these charges were false. We had Comey saying that he had never heard court-ordered surveillance called “spying” and that there was surely a lot of heavy thinking going on in the department of justice over Barr’s announcement. We doubt it.

Another interesting and perhaps connected event not so broadly covered was a speech given by little Rob Rosenstein to a private group. In his speech, he informed the audience that Russian interference in our elections would be a central theme of the Mueller report. A.G. Barr had previously said in his letter to Congress that the Mueller report would cover two Russian operations: one of disinformation and the other of hacking.

And, yet, another event was the long-awaited arrest of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. Julian Assange, you may recall, was accused of being the publisher of Russia’s hacked information from the DNC. Interestingly, Assange has insisted that the information did not come from the Russians. And those familiar with such things say the downloads speeds discovered in researching the hack would not be reached except by direct-connection means. Regardless of that, there are questions about the upcoming publicity. The first is will Barr go along with a depiction of Assange as some sort of super international criminal the Democrats can use to insist they needed to keep spying on the Trump campaign to thwart? And the other question is will Barr go along with the whole notion that the DNC computers were hacked in the first place?

You may recall we have only the DNC’s word for it that their systems were hacked. Recall how they refused to allow the FBI to inspect their computers for hacking and, instead, hired a private firm to inspect their systems. You may also recall much of the damaging information about Hillary came not from hacking but from Podesta responding to a phishing email. So, we know that wasn’t part of some insidious Russian hack. Regardless, the one man who knows the origin of the hacked information from the DNC computers was suddenly arrested in England this week. The England that conspired to help frame Trump. I am thinking Assange needs a food taster!

The whole point to this, of course, is that Barr has already announced he knows spying occurred on a presidential candidate. His question is   was it predicated – meaning, was it based on accurate information of a credible threat?  Even should he find that to be true, the FBI must still answer as to why they didn’t simply go to Trump and advise him of the dangers as they did Senator Diane Feinstein when she was told the Chinese were surveilling her.  Can’t wait to hear that one!

The coming weeks and months should be very eye-opening for our friends on the left that have been blindly consuming the trash TV “news” on cable and even the alphabet news that has been misinforming them. Many of our friends on the left were probably unaware spying was going on until Barr announced it. And who can blame them? If you haven’t tried it, spend a few hours dipping into the cable “news” channels and listen to how they frame the news. You will barely even recognize the same events unfolding.

It seems to me, these channels have decided to continue the charade and hope for the best. Even with their ratings cratering and CNN down to the captive audiences in public places that cannot change the channel, they continue Baghdad Bob like to insist Trump colluded, impeachment is coming, blah blah blah. They had their moment to ‘fess up, declare they were misled, and walk away. They chose otherwise. So how can any knowledgeable American ever trust them again to fairly inform us of world and national events? Moreover, have you noticed how they do not seem angry with their “sources” that fed them false information? They all seem to be hanging together sort of comforting each other that they tried very hard but failed. This can only be explained by the TV hosts being in on the scam from the beginning.

So as the truth begins to come out in the next few weeks, let’s all handle this carefully. This could be a seminal moment, when the American people’s eyes are finally opened to the lies and deception of the American left. So let’s not gloat. Let us take this opportunity to speak carefully with our friends and neighbors about the narrow escape we have just had. Just a little better luck, and these deep-state actors might well have pulled off an impeachment of a sitting president based on completely false information. We have come very close to the edge. So let’s capitalize on this moment to enlighten where we can. We know the 30 percent of truly blind leftists among us will not be swayed, even by the truth unfolding in front of them. Don’t waste your time and energy on them. But where we can, let us try once again to restore a more perfect union among ourselves. We have a Republic – if only we can keep it!

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  1. Comment by John Mullins

    April 16, 2019 at 9:34 am

    Another factually based article Donald. Keep up the good work.

  2. Comment by Dick Reed

    April 21, 2019 at 6:53 am

    Donald……….Bravo!……Your writings are incredible…..!

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