Is there anybody in Donald Trump’s administration without ties to Russia?

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Democratic Dialog – By Debra Wines

As a left-wing Democratic liberal, I have been concerned about Donald Trump and his close relationship with Vladimir Putin and the appearance that Mr. Putin, in some way, is manipulating certain segments of our American government.  I’ve wondered about it from the day Donald Trump, at a public appearance, asked Russia to find Hillary Clinton’s missing emails.  It seemed within 24 hours, his request was answered and rumors, assumptions, conspiracy theories, and questions started swirling around about Mr. Trump’s connection to Russia and Vladimir Putin.  Those issues are still in the news to this day.  Yes, Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation has produced some very interesting results, and he isn’t done yet.  Mr. Mueller’s investigation has issued over 100 criminal counts against 33 individuals and three companies.  Six of the individuals have been directly tied to Donald Trump and/or his presidential campaign.

The majority of people have been charged with counts of lying to Congress during hearings, or the FBI, during the course of their investigation about Russian ties to the presidential election, Donald Trump, his business, and his current administration. There are various other charges against these people, but one thread that connects all of them is their lies.  Is this a surprise to anyone, with common sense and logic, that if their “leader” is a proven liar, why wouldn’t the people working for and with him be liars, too?  Donald Trump has been called a pathological liar, basically someone who can’t tell the truth for whatever psychological issues he might have.  The people around him may also suffer from the same mental health issue, but it does appear they are not quite in the same category as Mr. Trump.  They do seem to be in the self-centered and self-interests liars’ category. The difference is they know they are lying, and they are trying to cover their butts to avoid dealing with any consequences they may encounter if they told the truth.

We’ve all heard the stories about Donald Trump’s expectations of blind loyalty to him.  Michael Cohen has admitted his failure as a human being because, according to him, he got swept up in the vortex of Donald Trump and did things he normally wouldn’t have done.  Personally, I rather doubt that.  There was a need for Mr. Cohen to feel as if he was an important cog in the Donald Trump empire.  If he hadn’t taken a job with Donald Trump, I’d bet he would have still ended up working for someone with the same questionable characteristics of Mr. Trump.  I find it rather amusing that Michael Cohen is now claiming to be too frightened to publicly testify in front of Congress. He feels threatened by people using the same tactics on him that he used on others who threatened to expose Donald Trump’s “shady” business dealings, questionable connections, and habits.

This whole thing is reminiscent of a Russian novel or a daytime soap opera.  There are so many characters to keep straight. Each one of them seems to have their own extra-large ego and a personal agenda employing lies, deceit, and questionable loyalty to the main character. It is enough to make you laugh – almost.  Unfortunately for America, and, yes, the rest of world, this isn’t a book or television show.  This is our reality, and the end doesn’t seem to be anywhere in sight.

The main question becomes how long can we continue having a dysfunctional government?  We have a president who is so far removed from reality, and people around him are trying to build their own empires on the backs of the majority of Americans.  You need to ask yourself why was Russia so interested in helping Donald Trump with the presidency?  When did this start?  The latest indicted “victim” of Robert Mueller’s investigation is Roger Stone.  Mr. Stone has stated he wanted Donald Trump to run for the presidency since the late 1980’s.  At the time, Mr. Trump resisted, but the prospect of becoming the president wasn’t completely off the table.  He put his toe in the water a couple of times, but drew it back before making any actual commitment.  After his trip to Russia in 2013, things appeared to change, according to Roger Stone and others close to Donald Trump.  Shortly after that trip, Mr. Trump boasted he met with Vladimir Putin and other high-ranking Russians.  Then, as his campaign became more serious, he denied any knowledge of Mr. Putin or any connection to him, even though he, himself, and others in his circle admitted that wasn’t necessarily accurate.  Confused yet?  Why shouldn’t you be? That’s what happens when a narcissistic, pathological liar speaks and contradicts his own contradictions.

It will be interesting to see how things play out with Roger Stone.  I am impressed that he has been able to maintain a relationship with Donald Trump as long as he has. Normally men with over-inflated egos don’t usually get along.  You have to ask, what is the common connection for these two?  I would guess money is the main commonality for them, but there must be others, like perhaps damaging secrets they know about each other.  Hopefully, we will find out as the special counsel’s investigation continues.  Roger Stone claims he will protect the president, as long as Donald Trump protects him, if he is found guilty on any of the current charges against him.  How fast will Mr. Stone flip if he thinks Trump might throw him under the next available bus?

The Russian tentacles reaching into our government, via the office of the president of the United States, are becoming more apparent as the special counsel’s investigation keeps following the money trail. It seems as if every day we are seeing Russian ties to more people in the Trump administration.  How will this all end?  It’s anybody’s guess.  My hope is America will survive, but, sadly, the scars will remain for a long time.

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  1. Comment by Jay Dee Hanna

    February 4, 2019 at 11:44 am

    Amazing how hatred distorts facts. No President in the last 20 years has been harder on Russia than Trump. No collusion!

  2. Comment by J. Robinson

    February 7, 2019 at 3:02 pm

    Jay you chugged that kool-aide, didn’t you! If there is no collusion then the President should be happy about the investigation. It would finally clear his name. Since he protests it so much, I personally think that he is terrified of the outcome. He can’t have clean hands when all the people that work/worked for him have or are going to be indicted. Get your head out of the sand. If this was Obama, you’d be screaming for justice!

  3. Comment by Dan Bowman

    February 10, 2019 at 2:55 pm

    Let’s look at this article paragraph by paragraph. The first one talks about the “close relationship” between Trump and Putin. The press which lives and breathes to find some link between Putin and cannot confirm a single meeting between the two prior to Trump becoming President> I wonder if Ms. Wines has secret sources? Paragraph two says Trump has been called a pathological liar. I could name a lot of things President Obama was called. So what? Oh, she says people were charged with lying. Well yeah. That’s what a perjury trap IS! But all of them have been lying about something other than collusion with Russians. So what does proving someone lied 10 years ago about an unrelated subject have to do with the “influence of Donald Trump? What does Manafort lying about business deals a decade ago have to do with Trump? Paragraph 3 is all about proven liar Cohen. But he’s an admitted liar. So I bet she wants to believe anything negative he says about Trump. But when he says there was no collusion? Para4 seems to be a continuation of three. Para 5 Trump is incompetent. Look at the jobs 5.5 million. Lowest unemployment EVER in history for minority groups. Yep sounds pretty incompetent. How did Obama do? Terrible. But he was great – right? Finally,She talks about Russia running the government. Who has drank the koolaid? Anybody here wanna admit the Russians “tricked” you into voting Trump? I for one hope they trick me into it again in 2020!

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