Jordi granted motion to suppress statement in father’s stabbing death

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On June 19, 2019, Criminal Court Judge Gary McKenzie heard a motion filed by defense counsel to suppress Joshua Nathaniel Jordi’s statement about the stabbing death of his father, Timothy Leroy Jordi.

Joshua Jordi was booked into the White County Justice Center, on May 18, 2018, on charges of first-degree murder, after the body of his father was found at his Mt. Vernon Subdivision residence, in Sparta, in March 2018.

According to Assistant District Attorney General Bruce MacLeod, McKenzie heard testimony from a detective from Mankato, Minnesota, who questioned Joshua Jordi, on March 11, 2018, about the circumstances of Timothy Jordi’s death. Joshua Jordi, who resided in Minnesota, had returned to Minnesota after his father’s death. During the interview, Joshua Jordi reportedly invoked his right to remain silent, and the detective reportedly continued the interview, which is in violation of Joshua Jordi’s Miranda Rights.

During the June 19 hearing, the state conceded that Joshua Jordi’s Miranda Rights were violated and agreed with McKenzie’s ruling that all statements made after the invocation should not be admitted in the state’s “case in chief” but may be admitted at trial if Joshua Jordi testifies. “Case in chief” is the portion of a trial whereby the party with the burden of proof in the case presents its evidence. The term differs from a rebuttal

whereby a party seeks to contradict the other party’s evidence.

The case was moved to September 2019 for the defense to have its final motions to suppress filed.

A complete history of this case can be found on by searching the word “Jordi.”

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