JustBeGreen Energy offering U.C. counties new alternative for landfills

By | November 16, 2017 7:28 am

Last Updated: November 16, 2017 at 7:43 am

After the announcement in October 2017 of a new $300 million economic development project for Van Buren County, JustBeGreen Energy is promoting to the counties within the Upper Cumberland region of a possible alternative for their existing landfills.

On Oct. 18, Van Buren County Mayor Greg Wilson announced that Van Buren County would become the home of a new employer who would be investing approximately $300 million in the county and creating reportedly 75 new jobs. The name of the company was announced as JustBeGreen Energy LLC. The company will reportedly be constructing an alternative fuel generation facility.

According to a statement recently made by JustBeGreen Energy, the new facility that will be built in Van Buren County will be utilizing a fuel block technology and slow-gasification pyrolysis waste-to-energy technology to process solid waste that would typically go to a landfill into a diesel product. This unique process could potentially provide counties a new and more affordable process for solid waste management.

The new “Refuse-Derived Fuel” plant that will be built in Van Buren County will utilize a multi-step process, including a “Material Recovery Facility” to remove recyclables.

According to the statement released by JustBeGreen Energy, “The (solid) waste first goes through the material recovery facility to separate out recyclables, and then through the fuel block technology to reduce moisture and be compacted into a higher caloric-value feedstock, and finally through a slow-gasification technology that produces ultra-low sulfur drop-in diesel fuel, and other valuable resources.”

JustBeGreen Energy states that the hydrophobic fuel blocks that will be generated by the new plant are in major demand as a pollution-free coal substitute. The recently released statement suggests that several advantages for counties within the Upper Cumberland include the following:

-Over 75 full-time jobs, created at a facility running three shifts per day and operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week for 360 days a year.

-This is a new clean solution to garbage with no winged or four-legged vermin as found at landfills.

-This is not incineration; it is a self-contained slow-gasification process that’s environmentally friendly.

-No Environmental Protection Agency measurable pollution leaves a smokestack; these gasses are used for manufacturing of diesel fuel.

-500 tons (up to 1,000 tons) of garbage a day will be converted into ultra-low sulfur diesel meeting ASTM D975 standards.

-These local fuel sales will provide significant fuel tax generation to the local counties over the years.

-The movement of waste from transfer stations will create new jobs for the waste-hauling industry.

-This process will make participating counties compliant with the EPA 80 percent recyclable by 2020 mandate.

-Approximately 16,000 tons per year of recyclables will be removed from the waste stream and recycled.

-Over 14,000 tons of bio char will be created as a soil amendment for the local agricultural communities.

-Graphene production will be developed form the bio char, creating a new industry and additional new jobs.

-Wood vinegar will be another off-take product, creating additional employment opportunities.

-Fuel blocks, with a caloric value over 12,000 BTUs per pound, are an environmentally friendly coal substitute.

JustBeGreen Energy is already reportedly working to secure multiple multi-year memorandums of understandings with counties from across the Upper Cumberland region. Additionally, a wholesale fuel supplier has already entered into a long-term off-take agreement that could potentially benefit many counties within the Upper Cumberland with diesel fuel and fertilizer sales.

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