Kevin Bouldin Youth Coon Hunt

By | February 11, 2019 9:46 am

Submitted by the family of Kevin Bouldin

Strong family and community connection is something that is hard to find in a large city, but not on top of the mountain, in Spencer.

For those who participated in the 2018 Kevin Bouldin Youth Coon Hunt, on Oct. 13, 2018, they experienced our strong family and community connection first hand.  Spencer/Van Buren County has always been home and for the past year have been an enormous comfort and support for our family.  Kevin Bouldin loved this mountain and never wanted to leave the mountain.  Kevin was a strong family man, loving husband, nurturing and supportive father, son, brother, uncle, nephew, and friend to many.  Kevin loved to farm, hunt, and sports.  Kevin shared those passions with our daughters, Lakelyn and Layla.  Kevin always participated in the youth coon hunts with our daughters that Kyle Walling, TWRA, and Eddie Carter, Van Buren County sheriff, organized for the past several years.  So it is a tremendous honor for them to name the youth hunt the Kevin Bouldin Youth Coon Hunt.

The outpouring of support that the community showed by donating their time and prizes for the hunt was beyond impressive.  There were 38 youth that participated in the hunt, and 10 of those brought back coons at the end.  Every child received a prize, and those 10 that returned at midnight with a coon walked away with prizes ranging from a brand new dog box, rifle, lights, or money.  Throughout registration, for those youth hunting to the end of the prizes being given out, you could hear lots of laughs, jokes, and most of all stories told of those that took time out years ago to take someone hunting.  Many times throughout the evening I heard someone say, “Did you know Elwood Haston?” and the story would begin of a time they went hunting with Elwood and what he said or did during the hunt.  Other stories began, “Did you ever try to keep up with Kevin Bouldin in the woods?”  It is experiences like these that the young hunters will never forget and always look back on.

To everyone who took time to take a youth hunting, thank you. To those who took time and worked hard to make the Kevin Bouldin Youth Coon Hunt a success, thank you. To those who donated prizes big or small, thank you.  Thank you all for your continued support.


2018 Sponsors

D&R Hunting Supplies

Bryan Crain

Jordan Delon

JLG Logging

Acument Global

Ricky Simmons

The Way Inn

Dead Zero


Chris Binkley

Hank Douglas

Piney Coon Hunters

Noble and Wanda Bouldin

Jeff and Cheryl Cole

Cody Cole

Jerry Boyd

Joe Boyd

Chad and Haley Boyd

Steven Lowery

Fall Creek Falls

Fall Creek Falls Boat Rentals

Bill and Billy Swan

White County Coon Hunters Club

Viola Valley Hunting Supply

Nathaniel and Kayla Hitchcock

Mickey Robinson

Michael and Rhonda Maynard/Spencer Drug Company

Caney Fork Electric

Hillis’ Highway 30 Market

Stacy Mills

Travis Hillis

Charles Sullivan

Jason Sullivan

Glen Christian

Terry Dean and Renette Smith

Monroe and Melba Mooneyham

Mickey Simmons

Eddie Carter

Kyle and Jessica Walling

Robinson’s Grocery

Todd Seibers Logging

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