Klee asks for changes in minutes from Solid Waste

By | August 9, 2018 4:04 pm

Outgoing county commissioner Al Klee confronted members of the Solid Waste Committee during Monday’s meeting about revising the draft of the minutes from the July meeting.

In a hard copy presented to all the committee members, Klee made a motion to the committee to remove the following passage:

“Mr. Klee also wanted it noted in the minutes so that there was a record that we have discussed both a transfer station and building a new cell.”

He went on to ask the committee to insert a new passage in its place. The new passage would read as follows:

“Commissioner Klee asked about the status of building a transfer station. County Executive Robinson responded that during the June Solid Waste Committee that (Commissioner Klee) was not able to attend, the committee indicated that they did not want a transfer station built. Commissioner Klee asked that the record reflect that during the May meeting the committee voted to construct a transfer station and that the June meeting minutes do not show any discussion about the transfer station.”

The motion was put to a vote, and the motion failed. The motion to approve the original minutes from the July meeting was presented. Klee was the sole member who voted no on the motion, and the minutes were not approved.

“You go back and resurrect the motion I made in the past,” stated Klee. “Then I will vote yes on it.”

Other topics discussed by the committee included:

-White County landfill director Gaylen Barlow stated that as far as the expansion, everything should be completed by the first of September. He said a compactor had burned while he was out of town two weeks ago. Barlow explained he has found a replacement, in South Carolina. Rather than buying the machinery unseen, the county would fly Barlow down to examine the replacement compactor and decide if it is worth the $48,500 price tag.

-The vertical expansion is still approved. There is an evaluation time that the state can come back and change its mind on the approval. That time limit is 45 days. White County is 15 days into that evaluation time, with 30 days left to go.

-Concerns were raised about White County working with Van Buren County and the Just Be Green gasification plant being constructed in Van Buren County. Klee suggested that since White County has worked closely with Chuck Burgess, one of the owners of Just Be Green, in the past, it “does not meet the smell test.”

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