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By | September 12, 2018 6:05 am

By Steve Qualls – Christpoint Church

I wrote to you a couple of weeks back about Jesus going on a mountain climb in Mathew chapter 5. When he reached the top he sat down and began to teach. Those that chose to climb with him were the ones that knew him the best. They were the ones that were closer and more intimate with him. He began to teach in a seated position that day, and, as we follow along, we find that he breaks down the communication channel we know as prayer.

In chapter 6, Jesus gives us a DIY list of how to connect to God from our lowly position to his throne, which is above us. In verses 5,6 and 7, he makes the statement “when you pray.” I like the way he makes it very clear that prayer is not an option concerning our relationship with him. Prayer is not like choosing a new car and trying to decide whether I want the cloth seats and hubcaps or the upgraded leather package with the factory alloy wheels and integrated sound system with Bluetooth capability.

Let me just say it this way, if we want a relationship with Christ, then prayer is not an optional upgrade. It’s our   communication with him. He makes that very clear by not requesting that we pray but expecting us to.

Then he moves on to teach us how to pray. In verse 9, he says, “Pray like this.” And then he begins to break down the simplicity and complexity of the “God and man” relationship. I like to explain things with key points, and here are seven fundamental points that I take away from Jesus instruction. And they are:

(1) Connect with God relationally.

(2) Worship his name.

(3) Pray his agenda first.

(4) Depend on him for everything.

(5) Get your heart right with God and with people.

(6) Engage in spiritual warfare.

(7) Express faith in God’s ability.

Prayer should never be complicated or hard to figure out. Jesus even mentioned that it’s not the flow of wording that empowers or the length of the prayer that changes lives. It’s the power of the One we are praying “to” that that makes the difference. Years ago, I had a minister tell me, “Remember, God doesn’t move outside of prayer.”

Imagine our lives as a glass of water. It can only hold so   much without spilling over. Society today is a different place than it was a few years ago. There is more of life fighting for a spot in the glass. But when more will go into the glass than can actually fit in the glass, something has to be removed and discarded in order to make room. I’m going to tell you what that number one thing that gets removed is, and it is prayer. Remember, Jesus expects us to pray, but somehow it’s the one thing in our schedule that seems to make an early departure, sacrificed on the altar of business. Thus, in doing so, we pull the plug on the very thing that empowers us. If we are going to expect God to be awesome in our lives, then we have to remember that he expects to be present in our lives to begin with.

We have just began our 21 days of prayer at Christpoint Church and would love to have you join in. We have information waiting on you about prayer and would love to spend more time with you on this powerful topic. I’ll see you at “The Point,” my friends, at 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. this Sunday, in Sparta, and 11 a.m., in Smithville.

We’re real people, living real lives, serving a real God. Welcome home.

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