Lesser, secondary, insignificant, yeah that’s me

By | April 30, 2018 7:45 am

By Steve Qualls – Christpoint Church

Then I said to them, “You see the trouble we are in. Come let us rebuild.” These were the very words that Nehemiah spoke to the distressed nation of Israel in chapter 2 concerning their vulnerability and the rebuilding of the walls of protection around the city.

God hasn’t given up on you. Albeit we may not be able to   see through the darkness right now, but God just might be about to shine a light on a rebuilding process in our lives.

The story of Nehemiah is a perfect example for us to look at. Nehemiah was grieved at the state Jerusalem was in. They were looked upon as weak, washed up, insignificant, and vulnerable. The obstacles they faced in order to rebuild the wall around their city and restore their dignity were very great, even to the point of overwhelming. It would have been easier to give up and return to captivity. The devil made sure that the world around them viewed them as lesser, secondary, and in ruin. The devil recognized their potential before they did themselves. He surely recognized it before the outside could catch up. I heard it said once and continue to quote it to this day, the devil fights hardest where he fears most, and the world around you and I today may view each of us in a similar fashion. The reverberation in our hearts could sound a lot like, “give up,” “just quit,” “there are too many obstacles to even try.” Sometimes the negativity speaks louder than anything else.

But Nehemiah gives us a pretty clear plan for the   restoration. That model is simple, and the word is “teamwork.” Nehemiah energized the people by uniting them. They formed teams, went to work, and rebuilt the wall in 52 days. They restored their dignity and safety, all while facing constant persecution that tried to erode their unified spirit of achievement.

Max Lucado once wrote that life is hard enough to live in the right direction, not to mention trying to live it backwards. If we are going to succeed in building a relationship with Christ, then we should not complicate it. We should draw help from the well where others drink from. Let others help us on our journey.

There is a little truth concerning teamwork that I like to call the LEGO principle. Each LEGO block has eight points of connection. Two of those blocks alone have 24 possible connections. Three blocks have 1,020 different possibilities, and with only six blocks, the possible connections rise to 100 million.

This past Sunday we celebrated our five-year anniversary at Christpoint Church. Some may have said that failure was imminent – that Sparta doesn’t need another church or that their pastor is a little too real and a little too much on the crazy side to make it work, but the building process was way too important, and the LEGO principle was established.

Folks we are better together. Let us help you on your journey. I will go to heaven without you if I have to, but I would rather go with you.

Come and visit with us at Christpoint Church this Sunday. We would love to have you on our team. We’re real people, living real lives, serving a real God. Welcome home.

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