Life Care Center of Sparta responds to crash into facility

By | August 23, 2018 8:35 am

All residents at Life Care Center of Sparta were unharmed during a recent incident involving a truck crashing through the wall of one of the rooms. (Photo submitted)

On Aug. 5, the driver of a truck ran through one of the walls of Life Care Center of Sparta, at 508 Mose Drive.

The vehicle went through a residential room where two residents resided and partially into a supply room on the other side. According to Life Care Center Executive Director Marshal Huddleston, the two residents who shared the room were in another area of the facility doing activities. The only person in the room was a housekeeper who managed to escape with minor cuts and bruises.

Questions remain about the safety of the facility. Huddleston is adamant that the security of the facility is above reproach and that residents are in no danger.

“It was a miracle that nobody was injured that day,” said Huddleston. “It was really an act of God.”

As soon as the accident occurred, all residents of the impacted wing were taken to other parts of the facility. Huddleston stated that upon professional inspection, the area was deemed to be safe and all residents, minus the two whose room was hit, were returned to their rooms within 24 hours.

Huddleston went on to say that it was the professionalism of his staff and emergency crews to whom all the credit should be given. He also wanted to give thanks to God for having His hand over everything that happened.

“I am honored to work alongside the Life Care family that handled this situation with confidence while working to ensure the residents’ safety and care remained our number one priority,” said Huddleston. “I would also like to thank the local first responders and the city and county service associates for their dedication and hard work displayed. We are blessed to have such an impressive and equipped emergency response team in our community.”

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