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By | February 5, 2018 6:26 am

The Right Stuff – By Donald Holman

So the infamous “memo” has been released. I hope by now everyone has had a chance to read it. It is written so that the “man on the street” should have no trouble understanding its contents. The opening paragraph states that the purpose of the memo is to update members on the results of their investigation so far. And it goes on to provide some amazing facts for our consideration:

The first and most obvious fact is that the FBI and DOJ (Department of Justice) perpetrated a fraud upon the FISA court. These agents of the government swore to the veracity of the Steele Memo, even while knowing full well it was a political document paid for by the Democrat Party and the campaign of Hillary Clinton. Furthermore, according to their own agents, Mr. Steele was not an impartial witness. He apparently went on and on to Agent Bruce Ohr about how he wanted to make sure Trump was never elected. Based on this flawed document, the FISA Court approved “electronic surveillance” on Carter Page. Furthermore, your FBI paid Mr. Steele for his report, which was also not disclosed to the FISA court. Bottom line is that the government of Barack Obama lied to the courts to gain the ability to electronically monitor Carter Page. But wait… we are also told this is only the first of several memos. So, more shoes will drop.

It has been ridiculous how the very same Democrats that have been telling us the memo should not be available to the public because it revealed “methods and sources” and would “damage the country” are now telling us it is no big deal. So which is true? (hint – neither) If you have read it, you know it revealed NOTHING about methods or sources of intelligence gathering…and how could it? There was no intelligence gathering. This was simply the story of how a pack of political lies was presented to the court by another group of government paid liars, to surveil and (they hoped) destroy the candidacy of Donald J. Trump. Makes you proud, doesn’t it?

But should we really be surprised that the administration of Barack Hussein Obama might misuse the power of government? Do we remember just a few short years ago that the IRS admitted to illegally delaying for months the 501(c)3 documentation for the Tea Party and other conservative organizations attempting to defeat President Obama? And no one was ever punished for the violations because all backups and hard drives had been destroyed? At one point, over 400 backup tapes, along with dozens of hard drives, “suddenly failed” and erased all evidence of what the IRS was doing. Well, my word! And this entry from Wikipedia regarding the IRS scandal, “In January 2014, James Comey, who at the time was the FBI director, told Fox News that its investigation had found no evidence so far warranting the filing of federal criminal charges in connection with the controversy, as it had not found any evidence of “enemy hunting” and that the investigation continued. On Oct. 23, 2015, the Justice Department declared that no criminal charges would be filed.” James Comey –   why does that name sound so familiar?

And now these very same liars are implicated in further   scandal, and they have the same defenders – the loud-mouthed Democrats that declare their innocence and the guilt of all others. The real question is this: Will the American people see through all this and hand the Democrats a stunning defeat this fall, or will they continue to be complicit in the betrayal and downfall of our country?

By the way, a little note from last week’s question     concerning why Donald Trump had not prevented a shutdown of the government by the Democrats by making a “deal.” Did you see the State of the Union address? These Democrats refused to clap for record-breaking unemployment numbers of Blacks and Hispanics. They refused to clap over a 12-year-old kid putting American flags on soldiers’ graves. And, whether these “patriots” will deal determines Donald Trump’s deal making abilities? Let me say this, until Democrats are either voted out of office or decide they love our country more than they hate Donald Trump, nothing that depends on their help will get through Congress. Remember, you heard it here first!

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  1. Comment by Diane

    February 6, 2018 at 12:01 am

    Very good!

  2. Comment by Debra R Rowlands

    February 6, 2018 at 1:03 am

    Lies, lies and more lies. This “memo” is a farce. Just another last ditch effort to derail the investigation by Mr. Mueller. And last buy not least, no one has to clap for trump. I can remember clearly when the republicans did nothing but disrespect Obama. If you can’t stand the heat…….

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